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10-14-2008, 09:42 AM
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The RFR Annual Haunt Tours (http://www.rfrpodcast.com) continue this week as we search for the Goatman (http://www.goatmanhollow.com) with Dr Fletcher as we come to you LIVE from Goatman Hollow, the Interactive Haunt Experience (http://www.goatmanhollow.com). RFR (http://www.rfrpodcast.com) flew out to this Riversdale theatrical haunt and we will be bringing you interviews with the cast, crew, testimonials, and our live audio walkthrough from the event!

In addition this week in Haunt Industry News we have information covering Spookywoods Haunted Attraction, Jon Frost Magic, Transworlds Hauntshow, Woods of Terror, the World Horror Convention, the Haunted Hootchie, The Scarehouse Haunted House, Rue Morgue Magazine, The HMA Mask Collectors, Horrorhound Weekend, THe Halloween Fetish Show, Rotten Jacks Creepshow, a Halloween Wedding and more industry news from the week.

There is another Winner for the Screamline Studios Graverobbing Giveaway (http://www.screamlinestudios.com) and Twisted Tunes spinning right from the grave.

So all you Fright Freaks, Haunters and Halloween Junkies...
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10-14-2008, 10:18 AM
Awesome show as normal JJ... The guy explaining the rules for Goatman needs to:

-Re-write the script to not be so detailed or confusing...

Anyways, getting off topic, AWESOME SHOW!!!! -Tyler

10-14-2008, 10:32 AM
Speaking of podcasts, you can find ours on iTunes by searching for ScareHouse -- or by clicking on itpc://feeds.feedburner.com/Scarehouse?format=xml

It doesn't get the same kind of traffic that our YouTube videos do, but I personally think it's the best way to see the stuff....

10-14-2008, 10:35 AM
Good Pod undead.

Tyler, yeah you gotta love the raw live haunt tours each october. Probably the one time of the year the show is very unexpected and raw with minimal studio production the rest of the year gets.

Tyler you are always a great Deadite and such, so I know you know how it rolls.

anyways thanks to everyone for spinning and listening and we continue with the haunt tours on this weeks show too.