View Full Version : Creature sculptor and the haunted garage :)

10-16-2008, 12:19 AM
I am a creature sculptor, mold maker and costumer amongst many other things. The industry has been dead for me for quite a while. No commissions no action so I have been doing my own thing for next years haunt. I used to just do the front porch but I am doing a small part of our garage this year. I know I wont have everything I need but by next year I will be giving people heart attacks *insert evil laugh here*.

I was going to do a haunted pirate ship but couldn't get the materials so I have turned it into a dungeon using cardboard boxes painted like huge stone walls. I have a concrete form that does rock patterns and it works perfectly. Ive also got a few of Walkmans with portable speakers around the garage for sounds coming from everywhere. Next I have my fog machine on a timer so it does a 3 second puff of fog every 150 seconds. Behind some huge cardboard rock pillars will be creature costumes from my past projects. I will have the entire garage lit up in Blacklight and I had to paint about 6 of my 1:1 scale skulls in paint that was UV reactive. Ive got a huge 2.5' tall gargoyle on base that I have yet to figure where to put him. Maybe outside of the garage to attract attention. I also have a bucky skeleton with lights in the chest that glow and fade but I cant find the beating heart prop this year. Bummer!!!! Kind of sucks when you have no money. Anyhow I will try to take pictures when its starting to come together. I have 2 days to figure it out before I go back to work then Halloween is the only other day I have off. Ack!!!! Talking about last minute!

If you want to check some of my art out heres my website :)