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10-17-2008, 08:31 PM
Does anyone know about him? Where is he? And, what is happenning to him now? Well, I've heard some stories about him,also he was in the circus and played in some classic cult movies.

If you do find out about him, then I would be very much appreciated that information from every one of you people! ;)

10-17-2008, 11:29 PM
There is information all over the web about him and he also has Audio CDs and books.

He died a year or two ago I believe.

Mutant Space Gerbil
10-17-2008, 11:38 PM
He wrote the satanic bible in the 60's when there was a resurgence in the occult.
He was later debunked in the fact that he was just using this "religon" to make money and that he didnt believe what he was spouting. He had a hot daughter that was on a talk show not to long ago. Hot until she opened her mouth and started spewing forth a bunch of crap.

The Ghoulish Gallery
10-17-2008, 11:54 PM
LaVey was two enchilada's short of a combination plate. In his biography, he claims he dropped out of high school to join a circus and carnivals, first as a roustabout and cage boy in an act with the big cats, later as a musician playing the calliope. LeVey also claims that while playing organ in Los Angeles burlesque houses, he had a brief affair with the then-unknown Marilyn Monroe as she was dancing at the Mayan Theater. LaVey also claimed he worked for a while as a photographer for the police department. The only thing that anyone has ever been able to confirm is that he did know how to play the pipe organ and calliope.
The rest of his claims seem to be complete fabrication.

LeVey became a kind of local celebrity in the 60's through his paranormal research and live performances as an organist (including playing the Wurlitzer at the Lost Weekend cocktail lounge), he attracted many San Francisco notables to his parties, including, believe it or not, Forrest J. Ackerman.

LaVey began presenting Friday night lectures on the occult to what he called a "Magic Circle" of associates who shared his interests. A member of this circle suggested that he had the basis for a new religion. On Walpurgisnacht, 30 April 1966, he ritualistically shaved his head in the tradition of ancient executioners, declared the founding of the Church of Satan and proclaimed 1966 as "the year One", Anno Satanas—the first year of the Age of Satan. The Los Angeles Times and San Francisco Chronicle were among the newspapers that printed articles dubbing him "The Black Pope."

LaVey died on October 29, 1997, in St. Mary's Hospital, San Fancisco (a Catholic hospital), of pulmonary edema. For reasons open to speculation, the time and date of his death was incorrectly (by two days) listed as the morning of Halloween on his death certificate. Zeena (LaVey's adult daughter) claimed responsibility for LaVey's death through putting a ritual curse on him. based on that info alone, I would guess that Father's Day was Hell at the LeVey house (Sorry but it was an obvious pun).

The only film I know of that LaVey appeared in was called "The Devil's Rain ."
It was your typical campy horror film from the mid 70's and told the story of a bunch of devil worshipers who had the power to melt their victims. LaVey had a bit role as the High Priest (what else?). But the real reason to see this flick is that it has a great cast, including William Shatner, Tom Skeritt, Ernest Borgnine, Ida Lupino, Keenen Wynn and John Travolta. It's a great popcorn movie.

BTW, just so you are aware, most haunters really don't want to talk about this stuff because many stupid/uninformed people assume that haunters must be Satanists. Truth is that a great many haunter's are Christians. In fact, according to a recent poll on this very site some 72% of haunters responding said they were Christians. I'm sure there are probably some exceptions out there but it has been my experience that the vast majority of haunters are really good people.

Also, although I may seem like I know a lot about LeVey, the info I shared is largely from Wikipedia and Internet Movie Data Base.

Hope it helped,

Tim @ www.ghoulishgallery.com

10-18-2008, 11:45 AM
Ghoulish Gallery,

Thanks for posting the story about him! It was quite interesting story!! I really do appreciate it!! ;)

I already found out about him from Imdb.com online, and yes, he died in 1997. He got 2 daughters, Zeena and Karla. Also, his former wife, Diane.

BTW, I found his pic from somewhere online:


damon carson
10-18-2008, 01:10 PM
Ya he is dead and with his beloved Lucifer suffering in the firery depths of Hell. LOL! He was suppose to live in St. Louis before his death or at least in the 90's. I had a friend who went to college there. And she claimed he used to come into this icecream parlor she worked at and would eat mint chocolate chip icecream. There was also a tall 13 story round abandon hotel near her apartment. She said devil worshippers would break into it at night and have seances??? She said you could see lights or candles inside certain nights. Not sure if Anton had anything to do with that? If it even went on. I remember going up to it and checking it out but we didnt see any black robed figures or hear any virgins screaming. Ha ha!

10-18-2008, 02:14 PM
He's smokin' a turd in Hell right about now.

10-18-2008, 09:17 PM
Well, thanks a lot for sharing the informations here! I really do like to hear about him... So, saddened to see go to Hell! LOL Probably NOT!!! Who knows???

Ayways, anyone knows the names of any good satanic cult movies/horror movies? Maybe I'd like to see some of them!

Hey, any Hell Hardcore movies ae GREAT for me, too! LOL

10-20-2008, 01:21 PM
I don't know if this is true or not, but I heard that Anton earned money from his
celebritism, that he supposedly bought a castle in europe somewhere that was to have some history itself of the occult. And at sometime in the 70's Jimmy Page of Led Zepplin purchased the castle/house from LaVey and took some lessons from him as well. I can't remember which album it is, but its the album cover with all the
celtic symbols on it. Said songs on that album were inspired by the teachings of LaVey. I think it was on TV, maybe one of the those behind the music show about Zepplin, but I do remember Anton LaVey's name being mentioned. I think to this day Jimmy Page still has that house/castle.