View Full Version : Taters Tour of Terror 2008 Thanks

10-25-2008, 12:05 PM
Dear Readers

I just wanted to quickly thank once again that put up with all of Grannies exploits this year. So a sincere thanks goes out to

Wayne Sealys Mystery Manor-Omaha, Nebraska

Crazy Bobs Haunted Hydro-Fremont, Ohio

Morgan Manor-Waukesha, Wisconsin

100 Acre Manor- South Park, PA

Terror Park- Columbus, Ohio

Pataskala Haunted Forest- Pataskala, Ohio

All these Haunts and the people that run it are amazing people that deserve a Granny Approved button...or a gold star whatever you prefer. Thanks again everyone for having me and look forward to seeing yall next year....if you want me

Sincerly yours