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10-27-2008, 11:54 AM
First I posted some bad news, horrible news, see the other thread... now I post some GREAT NEWS.

HHA (Haunted House Association) at work FOR YOU! Ben Armstrong did this interview on behalf of HHA and you MUST read these stories and promote because this helps you with your own media in your own market.

HHA NOW and into the future will HELP YOUR BUSINESS and help you with the media... to date I haven't seen one story mentioning any other association but HHA. We are trying our best to promote our industry...

Check out this MAJOR STORY...

10-28-2008, 04:01 PM
More Great news... I will be on FOXNEWS LIVE on Halloween talking about the haunted house industry and how well we've done as an industry. THIS IS NATIONWIDE...they are sending a live feed truck to my place and the whole conversation will be about the HAUNTED HOUSE INDUSTRY!

I will do my best to promote ALL OF YOU I PROMISE!

I am doing ALL OF THIS to show ALL OF YOU that we are an industry, we can when working together GROW our industry, GROW our business, build AWARENESS and find all sorts of COMMON GROUND! We need a REAL association to take up this mantel from me and make it even bigger! Our industry has grown by nearly 5% over the last three years lets make it another 5% over the next three we can do it working together for one common goal!

We can make TV shows (proved that you saw it on Travel Channel) we can get National PR you're seeing that all over the place, we can get major tv stations on board we've done that with everything from the Today Show to Good Mourning America and we can make our industry safer and more profitable. Join me and many other haunts and lets make next Halloween season bigger than this.

But until then I will do this NATIONAL LIVE story for FOXNEWS and I WILL PROMOTE OUR INDUSTRY!