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10-30-2008, 08:42 AM
Hi Guys looking for some Help from those of you using Air Powered Props

I have just bought 10 5 Gallon Portable Air tanks from tractor Supply Great DEAL ONLY 7 LEFT retail Price 18.88 SALE PRICE $4.99

My question lies with in the Re-piping of these for Prop Air Storage.

Iím piping these in the following configuration. Main question is if the Actual Location in this setup of the air storage tank is correct.

Starting at the Inlet I have a Quick Connect Chuck, A Tee A Outlet Quick Connect Chuck.

Following the Tee inward is a 1/2" Ball Valve, A Pressure Regulator, A Cross with a Pressure Gauge. on the Downward side of that cross is the Tank, continuing forward will be the Trigger controlled Valve, then the lines to the Prop.

The Main Feed line (Threw The Quick Connects) will be holding around 100 psi
The Regulators will then step that down to around 60 psi or so.

There will be about 10 Props all with the same setup for the most part 4 out of those will be a air canon type of unit.

My question to you guys is, are the Storage tanks in the Correct spot for extra air storage due to only using a 30 gal compressor?

Or should i move the tanks in front of the Regulator so there is 5 gal of 100 psi at each prop instead of 5 gal of 60 psi?

There should only be about 3 props firing at the same time at any given point.

Also all the Actual Props will all have Speed controls so the only thing taking full hits on the system will be the air canons

I hope you all understand what im trying to do if not please ask me any questions so i can help to understand this and how to make it effective. Thanks for the Help

10-31-2008, 02:39 PM
Long answer - Standard practice is to install after. Theres several reasons why and I'll just touch on a few. With the regulator after the tank the air from the tank will flow (by expanding) through the regulator to the prop. As pressure after the regulator rises, it is sensed by an internal pilot in the regulator. This pilot is normally quite sensitive to downstream pressure. Itís basically a large piston with lots of surface area. But having a large volume of air after the regulator may cause the pressure regulator to be slow to react. Basically acting as a cushion. Now is it a huge deal, no. You can get by with it after the regulator if youíre already plumbed up. But if not, put it before. But for me the key reason to go after the tank is that water will accumulate in the tank and you can install a water separator or a filter regulator after the tank. If youíre running an oiler it helps to be after the tank or else oil will settle in the tank.

03-28-2009, 01:46 PM
These are basically small reserved air storage for the prop to fire so im not pulling large hits from the feed line! Right now i"ve converted 4 of them into air Canons This lets me use the regulator to set a pressure limit at each so i can give it more pressure or less pressure depending on it's location! The main Compressor should have the water shut-off Valves!

03-28-2009, 04:44 PM
Except the ball valve is installed after the regulator. Allows adjustment of pressure while not charging the prop. Also, there's a pressure relief valve on the back side out of site. Cheap insurance.

If you run them like machine guns, short rapid bursts, the 5 gallon tanks will do well without too much strain on the 30 gallon compressor. If you want a cannon that "dumps" a volume of air, better go 10 gallons and only run one. It will give your compressor a workout, especially if its a oil-free job.


03-29-2009, 09:02 AM
This is kind of the idea I have I have a Tee with quick connects from with a ball valve to shut it off them Iím going to put in a pressure regulator then I go into another tee then to the tank. The other side goes to the 1/2" solenoid valve that the trigger will activate!