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11-03-2008, 12:52 PM
A huge thanks to Tim and the rest of the crew at Fright Kindom NH for being extremely gracious hosts this past weekend and extending every possible amenity to the crew of Graveside Manor. We really had a fun time!

We thought both Fright Kingdom attractions were great! The detail was excellent throughout the haunt and it was a great use of space without an over abundance of actors in any one area or overuse of any particular type of scare. We were thoroughly entertained from start to finish. The greeters for both attractions are outstanding characters and most of the other actors were above average with a high intensity/energy level.

Personally, I absolutely loved the first room of Bloodmare Manor. I thought it was a great start of the tour and an excellent way to set the tone for the rooms ahead. I really liked seeing the authentic vintage funeral items as well as props with a history in the haunted attraction industry.

The Psycho Circus queue area was extremely well decorated with excellent detail and the greeter (clown girl) was outstanding! I thought drop panels and windows in this area were well concealed and effective.

Finally, the magic show was entertaining and a nice added attraction to your event. Great to meet those guys from 13th hour and see Vlad again.

Thanks Again Fright Kingdom for a great conclusion to our visit to New Hampshire!

Jim Wieloch
Graveside Manor

11-08-2008, 04:27 PM
Hey Jim,

Thanks a million for the kind words about our show... and thanks for coming!

It was great seeing you again and getting to meet the Mrs. and her brother.

We can't wait to get out to your neck of the woods at some point next season to see your show.

Keep in touch