View Full Version : Maddi Poole thanks Spookycastle UK

11-04-2008, 09:06 PM
i just came from the trip of my life....i was lucky enough to go to england this year to act, train, and help out wherever they needed me at the spookycastle...for those of you that may not know this, in england halloween is not all that big yet...but judging from the crowds it will continue to get larger and larger over there...
i stayed with the family that owns the farm (and has for 6 generations now)...they took care of me, and for that i really wanted to give a word of thanks...there were several pints of cider poured down my throat...and for that i thank them...lol...i also wanted to thank them for teaching a new way of doing things...slightly different than here in the states....it is a real mindblower to see that some of the laws and hoops we have to jump through here isnt even on the radar over there....so at this point they are still free to create without some of those pesky rules and laws...
i cannot put into words how much fun and how great an experience it was to be a part of their haunt...i hope that in the next few years i can have the opportunity to go back...i have whole new family in another country...thanks again...it really was the time of my life

maddi poole