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11-05-2008, 07:40 PM
I am looking for some feedback from the haunt community about this idea. This was our 7th year of operation for our haunt. Over that time we have changed a lot of areas of our haunt and have a bunch of props and various other items in storage that we would like to clean out. I would think that this is very likely the case for many haunted attractions that have been operating for more that a year or two. What we are thinking about doing is hosting a consignment auction centered around the haunted attraction industry. We are located in Winchester, Virginia (22602) and will be starting an auction company in early 2009 and that would put us the position to host a sale like this. I just wanted to throw this idea out there and see how many haunters in the Mid-Atlantic area might be interested in consigning to and attending an event like this. There may be a chance for this to grow to an event that could also be held in the midwest and west coast if it works on the east coast. Or maybe it is too impractical for most haunters to work at all. I don't know how viable this idea is and thats why I am asking.

So, post your comments, thoughts and ideas and we will see where it takes us.


Steve Black
Haunted Nightmares Haunted House
Winchester, VA

Ken Spriggs
11-11-2008, 11:34 AM
We also have a few trailers full of stuff laying around.

Most of us could not do an inventory....1 shiney metal thing......1 bent shiney metal thing

What about trades?

But then you are trading with people who may or may not have the talent that your crew may have. Hmmm this really is going nowhere isn't it?

Sounds like a great idea......but then again....what is one persons junk is anothers gold

11-11-2008, 11:49 AM
Norton has done an auction that is consignment that I have attended. Usually was in Nov and most was inflatable and concession stuff, but maybe they would do a haunt auction by consignment centrally located.

Now, where is my check book among all these coupons and canned food items??

Lord Barnabus
11-11-2008, 12:19 PM
If you do an auction like this, are you going to have it online? It kind of sucks when there are auctions for specialty type stuff where a lot of the buyers cannot attend due to the fact that it is located somewhere too damn far away to travel to. Than you have to decide whether to ship items back home, rent a truck/trailer, or take your own truck/trailer. Than will there be enough room in the vehicle, or will you need more space. Or maybe you end up going home empty handed.

There is an auction company in Minnesota that does their auctions online. The items are listed kind of like how E-Bay would do an auction. You can place a bid on items, or place a maximum bid, where they tally it up as needed. When the auction is over, they have certain dates that you have to go to either the auction warehouse, or the business place to pickup your items. It is a great way to have the auction since most of us seem to live very busy lifestyles and do not have the time to attend these auctions. I've also seen it where the small guys come in trying to buy just one or two items, and get outbid by the big guys who come in and buy everything.

Check out their site to see both current and past auctions. www.k-bid.com