View Full Version : Today is Veterans Day..So I am taking a Moment to Salute Those Who Have Served

11-11-2008, 07:31 AM

Jim Warfield
11-11-2008, 08:21 AM
In little Mount Carroll, Illiniois, a block from my house is the county courthouse and it is graced by several marble monuments with bigger than life-sized statues on the one, flanked by two cannons from the Civil War.
This monument has the names of all of the soldiers who served in that conflict, my Great grandfather's name is there.
He had come face to face suddenly on a trail in some woods and fought a Rebel soldier to the death in a sword fight.
He was extremely upset as the soldier died in his arms telling him it was "All right, I was trying to kill you too."
At the other end of the courtyard is a newer monument with the names of those killed in the Korean War, WW2, and Vietnam, two 16 inch shells from the Missouri class of battleship flank those names.
This is my hometown, many who I have known were vets and I know their very personal stories of the stress, pain and suffering from their experiences in every one of those wars.
This county's county Sherriff was a man left for dead on a Civil War battlefield because he had suffered a gaping stomach wound, Sherriff Robbe, he was Sherriff for several terms right after the Civil War and every day of his life had to change bandages several times that covered that wound that never closed.
WW1 saw one combat vet put on his full uniform many times every year afterwards and practice marching, all by himself , with his Springfield rifle shouldered in our quiet city park...some non-physical wounds don't "heal" either.
WW2 saw many not returning but their friends and classmates always remembered them, a friend of my Dad's was thought of in the form of a bronze plaque on the wall of the fire station , he had been a Sherman tank crew member in Europe, and any history buff knows how dangerous that piece of equiptment was at that place and time.
My Uncle had been a sailor during the Korean War and had nightmares for many years about his little mission to pick up his ship's frogmen who were planting charges to lead the Inchon invasion, only to find his buddie's tatooed arm floating where the rendevouz point was.
My classmate "Skip" was criticised and had a much worse life after Vietnam because of his alcoholism..but then how many of his unflinching critics had ever had to kill 110 of the enemy from 10 to 20 feet away as the crashed helicopter was surrounded?
He was the only person not wounded or killed, he was the machinegunner.
Spend the rest of your life asking yourself, "Why Me?" "Why did I live?"
Very recently a former Iraq vet had a letter in our paper telling how he and his troops had been sent into Iraq with very small supplies of food, water, ammunition, protection and he doesnot like the feeling many now have of "That is water under the bridge now", because he and his fellow soldiers were that "Water"!
Pain, suffering, memories that haunt them way too frequently, we must not forget what happens in armed conflict and those who were there for us.

11-12-2008, 06:40 AM
This is sad and nice all in the same. Locally here in WI, a Vet that was at a Veterans Day ceremony passed away during the honors.

I say its sad because no one likes to experience death, but in a way its an honor for him since he passed during a ceremony honoring all the vets have done along side all his peers who were there with him during Pearl Harbor.

Just thought I'd share.


11-13-2008, 04:58 AM
Several more soldiers killed again today, I'm with you 110%. I hope for all they have suffered and died for is not in vain. I hope when we leave these two nations we leave behind established democracy free from tyranny, dictatorship, and terrorism.

If not all was for nothing and the suffering is simply magnified to a level no one can even dare comprehend. I salute all the brave men and woman who have so selfishly volunteered when most others would not. They leave behind loved ones, children, family and friends to fight for our freedom and as we know some never return the same way the left.

For that I'm forever grateful.


Jim Warfield
11-14-2008, 05:50 PM
We all hope for the best possible outcome from the US investment in treasure and lives...but hoping to see a democracy blossom from a subjegated people who have known nothing but a dictator....? Very difficult.
When the creators of our democracy were busy defining our government, they came from a place where democracy had all ready been underway, developing ever since the signing of the Magna Charta many years before.