View Full Version : Nov. 11th= Girl's night Out

Jim Warfield
11-11-2008, 10:49 PM
Tonight five women who work together all summer as "Cleaners" (I'm guessing in the food processing industry) came to the Ravens Grin for their first time.
It was quite a study in personalitys. There were the matronly ones, the young innocent, the "Babe", lot's of fun!
The one was about 6 seconds behind "getting the joke", I told her she was on the California Delay since the west coast is behind time/wise from the midwest.
The innocent one got the unofficial prize for the funniest remark tonight. As she was snuggling into the blanket on the bad dream bed she excitedly asked:"Am I going to get the BIG one?"
I just allowed her words to pregnantly hang in the air (savoring them) and her 6 second delay also helped this happen to it's fullest potential! She had no idea what was going on and simply chose the wrong words to try to express herself.(Got it on tape too!)
Very early in the evening I affected a reaction the likes of which are not that common. Three of them were sitting on one couch, in the dark, and I very simply surprised them and all of them quickly rolled backwards onto the rest of the couch like a tidal wave, all in unison!
The other two women on the other couch could not stop laughing at this and kept begging me to make it happen again..but of course they also had the word "Victim" written across their foreheads in ink only visible to my eyes.
A whole lotta fun tonight!