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Boo Crew Production
11-12-2008, 07:45 AM
About 4 years ago I foresaw the housing market slowing. At that time I started looking for another Industry to get into as well as a source of revenue. I also wanted out of the housing industry, for several reasons, a couple of which are: 20 plus years in the construction field also had become exhausted with the up and down ride you have in that field. So I looked towards the haunt industry, as my hobby of scaring the YELL out of people had become a passion. I had been building props for local attractions as well as special events we took part in for years. I noticed this industry had allot of respect, respect for each other, as well as for each otherís businesses. Lately I have noticed the practice of respect and ethics has diminished considerably. I do realize I am only a small portion of this very large industry, although I have seen business ethics as well as personal ethics in general, fly right out the window. I have seen questionable business practices, personal attacks, attacks on this and other forums directed at putting people out of business, and much worse. I donít know about all of your thoughts, If we want this Industry to thrive and continue moving forward and gaining respect of the more mainstream businesses we need to get back to the respect and ethics it once had. I have spoken to a few others on this matter and they have all agreed. Some have even spoken on removing themselves from the industry do this exact topic. It would be a shame to start losing artistís and quality businesses, because of the lack of respect and ethics. Donít get me wrong, We will all have our differences of opinions (human nature), but we should all handle ourselves in a professional and business like manor. While sitting here typing this I have realized this industry is starting to head down the same path as the housing industry. Everyone is willing to cut anotherís throat for a buck. Competition is healthy for the industry as long as it is done in an ethical manor.

Think about this, If you were new to the haunting industry and you stumbled upon this or anyone of the many other forums out there, and seen all this childish bickering and disrespect for one another. I ask you this; would you want to become a part of it? I know I sure wouldnít have, if I saw then, what I am seeing today.

Just my Opinion

Uptown Haunts
11-12-2008, 08:16 AM

I've learned to deal with criticism at a very young age. Rather than bash others who bash me, I just make corrections to their misinformation. You make a very good point on this topic and I agree with you. Some of the dialog has gotten out of hand on the message boards and down right mean in some cases. There's really no reason for that. We're all in this together and need to support everybody in the industry whatever way we can. Getting pissed off, cursing and name calling doesn't do one bit of good here.

The people we need to lash out against, based on my personal experience, include building code inspectors, fire marshals, property owners/agents who make it impossible to do business. Very few of them understand what we do. Nor do they even try to understand or care.

We need to focus our attention on ideas and solutions which are haunt industry related rather than drift off on tangents in the discussion forums. Something I admittedly engaged in but only for the sake of making a point in response to misinformed comments by others. Once my point is made, I move on. Let's focus on the business end of things.

11-12-2008, 08:29 AM
I may be a little confused... but... I can't think of anything recent on these boards to support what your saying? The ONLY thing I can think of is the "hauntworld smilies" thread... in which case, the author of that thread has been a HW.com spammer for years... he's had SEVERAL usernames and keeps trying to get people to his site... I wish Larry would go ahead and ban is IP address.

But again, that's the only thing I can think of recently. But to any other industry board/forum. This is not the only industry this happens, it happens in theme park boards, candy sales boards, etc. etc. -Tyler

11-12-2008, 09:36 AM
I wish Larry would go ahead and ban is IP address.

I don't want to speak for anyone, but he very well may have done so. Some ISPs have a dynamic IP address and assigns a different one every time you login. And even beyond that, it's relatively easy to go through a proxy IP to get around IP filters. I used to run a message board and I know first hand how impossible it is to truly keep spammers away. It's like protecting your house against being robbed. One way or another, if someone really wants to get in, they'll find a way in.

Jim Warfield
11-12-2008, 11:18 AM
Time to sit at the keys and physically relax...but can we play nice?
Remember that kid on the 3rd grade playground who would , for no reason, run up behind people and bang his fist between your shoulder blades then quickly run away?
Sitting at these keys pushing little buttons, dumping crap upon someone you will probably never meet who is a 1,000 miles away......sure it's tempting.....but.
I try to pretend the person is right next door so I had better play nice.
Anyone remember the nut that drove from the east coast to Texas to burn Dr. John's house down because of an on-line dispute?
The crusades are not over for some people, usually people who really didn't understand them.
Some get really focused in on one mission in their lives and I would not want to ever inspire such a mission coming my way.
As an adult I used to play basketball a couple of nights a week. One time a new guy kept fouling me, I finally picked up the ball and gave him this advice:"Go home and beat your Wife awhile!" (I knew she could take him, best of three falls!)
Frustration does find us all eventually, it's all in how we handle it.
If you make a mistake and treat someone nasty, apologise as soon as you realise it, I have done this on-line...kind of a rare thing though, isn't it?

11-12-2008, 11:31 AM
I may be a little confused... but... I can't think of anything recent on these boards to support what your saying?

This is not the only industry this happens, it happens in theme park boards, candy sales boards, etc. etc. -Tyler

This is prettu much esactly what I was gonna say.

It seems like it has died down A LOT on this forum lately.

Killer Katie
11-12-2008, 12:14 PM
Ken, I agree with you! Jim, you nailed it!
How much immaturity and "bully-ing" is enough? This goes for everyone in all buisnesses. From CEO to cashier.
The Golden Rule seems to be fading, and the inner sense to "do the right thing" is becoming a thing of the past.
And, before any feathers are ruffled, I am not speaking directly to someone, just a general observation about the industry in general. On forums and in real life.

11-12-2008, 02:09 PM
Maybe because there are a lot of artists involved, whether as vendors or haunt owners? We all know how emotional artists can get.

11-12-2008, 02:47 PM
I'm not sure what you are saying... are you saying that respect amoung haunted house owners within the same market or just on message boards? The lack of respect haunters show each other within their own markets is legendary that is fr sure... the worst of us come out during the season because we are fighting for every last customer.

This year a new haunt opened in our market and yes the bombed big time but that didn't stop them from putting (www.creepyworld.com (http://www.creepyworld.com), www.thedarkness.com (http://www.thedarkness.com) and www.scarefest.com (http://www.scarefest.com)) in their meta tags and title tags on their website. That was just cold and underhanded.

I know this type of thing goes on through out the industry, and people stealing other haunts signs, flyers, sending their actors to flyer another haunts parking lot, or sending a hearse with a loud speaker in front of someones line and telling those people to come to their haunt instead...the list goes on.

The funniest are when a new haunt opens it comes out of the gate as ranked the best by I don't know who, or the insults they will publish on thier website about another haunt yes all of these things are really low ball.

You are so correct and it should stop but you can't stop people from doing these kinds of things some of the time... in the long run they run themselves out of business because they focus MORE on slamming the competition than producing a good show.

As for message boards... look the boards in my opinion are 1/100th as outragous as the OLD DAYS and that is a fact. In the old days it was you never know how you are talking to and you never know what they will say. People got sued, and people showed you can't say anything just because its the web.

I've read people saying things like 'oh since this person or that person left the boards are boring or traffic is down'. First off that isn't true, and secondly we have more subscribers than EVER in our HISTORY! We will have over 5,000 members by this time next year.

People do read all of this stuff even if they don't post, and people are selling used equipment same as before, finding idea's same as before, just minus the drama. Yes drama will happen it is unavoidable on these boards, on any board, but facts are still facts the traffic is higher than ever!

There is nothing wrong with a good debate or arugement but yes petty nonsense needs to stop and I think I've tried my best to stop it. Since a couple people left attacks on other members is down 99%,slander is down 99%, threats of violence is down 100%, LOL.

I am ripped on constantly for deleting this non-sense and I do in fact try not to erase it most of the time, but yeah there is a point where you can't accept it anymore and we reached that point. I have no problem with someone disagreeing with ANYTHING I say but the personal attacks have got to stop.

I agree!


11-12-2008, 03:30 PM
I think if you look back over the last 10-13 years you will see things are not that bad! A lot of crazy stuff has happened over the years....Wow!

Thinking about it, this is sort of an unusual mix of people. Most "clubs" or "social groups" or "industries" are hobby OR business related.

Here we have a bit of both, and a whole ton of folks who are right in the middle.

Its amazing everyone gets along as well as they do!

11-12-2008, 04:01 PM
Not totally sure what the thread is about....yes I read it...lol....but figured I would add something. Just something that made me think about something.

I may not be in the ranks of you pro-haunters, im just a home haunter for the most part.

I do and will agree that there should be a respect level for a certain reason. Trying to grab a customer/client or mis-direct someone from dealing with one biz. to try and aid in gaining is not correct.

Years ago I owned a Landscape company(not ur small pull a trailer and cut grass) many phases, such as higher end homes and patios and such. A lot of time when out meeting with a future client going over there needs and doing a quote, this was brought up. "I got a quote from abc company for whatever price, what do u think?"
Now in the cut throat contracting landscape busineess, most would say something bad. NO NO,,,,,,even if I know of the comapny, and I seen there work, knew of there work ethics and knew there patios sunk into the ground......You say what????
"Sorry, but I cant really comment as I have never seen there work, but the price does sound good".

With that said, U know ur competior, u know the bad work, but if you had said,
"Mam, there work isnt that great, I recently had to do a repair for bad work on a patio they insatlled last year"
Now to most that would be what to say to get the job. Is that right? Yes and No.
Never ever speak bad on anyone!
Did I loss money, perhaps at times, yes. Did I have the peace of mind I didnt bash someone in my industry, yes.
It made me look better...why?

When one person says anything negative to another, you never know who that person knows....say it to the wrong person, you look like a fool and that is not the name anyone wants to give themself.

Sorry, if kinda offtopic (just my generally biz practice) and longwinded no-sense post but this has worked for me.

ill go re-read the orignally topic now. dis reguard my ramblings please.

Jim Warfield
11-13-2008, 08:11 PM
In a small town in a small world you never know who will tell who what was said.
I believe there are valuable lessons to be learned from the human condition, but names do not have to be attached to make the lesson more valuable, at least as far as the basic worth of such a lesson itslef goes.
Much of my life was spent contemplating how much deserved or undeserved guilt I would be feeling later for whatever wrong thing I had said or done or not done during the course of a day.
Sleep that following night was not always as peacefull as it should have been.
We all need a good rest at night, if we treat others good during the day, night will provide peacefull rest.
Life can be just this simple and basic.