View Full Version : A New Style Of Tour This Afternoon.

Jim Warfield
11-23-2008, 06:23 PM
7 young girls 12 to 14? All VERY curious!!
"Just let me ask you one question." I heard them say about 50 times .
I finally told them that most people only ask one or two questions in the first room.
They were basically very polite for the most part so I kept answering their numerous questions. Two or three of them had been here before, some one them just last week.
I guess some of these questions were percolating for a week?
Before they even got in the house and were asking me questions through the ticket window, one newcomer asked if I was going to scare her in here?
"I already scared you outside didn't I? Of course no one has ever been killed or seriously injured by the small object I made move out there that made her scream!
They were from 80 minutes away and got Dad to bring them back with their friends, he waited next door in Charlie's.
I had tried something new with them in the front room. I just stood there in the dark, but some of them could just barely see me, I said nothing, I didn't move...it got scary for them... I was just waiting for the silent sound track to get to the screaming portion, then I point the little flashlight at my face and lip-sync to the woman screaming!
I think this is funnier than hell! You know it's pretty odd! Maybe it is even scary to some?
I do have a highly experimental theatrical haunt experience here in which the overall effect is king, versus throughput.
If people aren't impressed or effected, they won't remember it , come back nor tell their family and friends, so spend the time that is needed to make a memory for them.
It pays off.