View Full Version : Custom truck up for trade!

11-30-2008, 02:44 PM
I have a very nice truck for sale on ebay. and just decided why not put a post on here and see if any other Haunters would like a bad ass truck!
A 2004 Dodge Hemi Thunder road 4x4 supercharged.auto, loaded!

I'm up for a trade!!!!
If you like this truck and have some haunted house items you would like to trade let me know???
you can email me a list of what you would trade to sevenfloorsofhell@yahoo.com

I have over 50,000.00+ in the truck and was looking to sell it fast so I put it up for sale on ebay!
But again I'm willing to let it go for props, animations, or just depeding on what you have to trade!
you can go to ebay and see this truck!
item# 110318948980