View Full Version : Tonight's Patrons: Dec. 6th

Jim Warfield
12-07-2008, 12:46 AM
After a call the doorbell rang and three young women were looking at me at the ticket window and they were already laughing.
I thought I over heard that one of them had been here before.
The front room routine was abit different and adult in nature and they were wound up!
At first the woman sitting in the center of the couch was the fearfully reacting one, then the woman to her right caught it and was twitching and screaming, laughing too.
A confession of dampened pants was heard.
The woman sitting to the other end of the couch seemed pretty calm during the whole time the other two were even complaining that their faces hurt from smiling and laughing so much.
All through this I assumed the calm woman was the one who had been here before. Wrong!
The other two, the screaming, jerking, laughing out of control were the TWO that had previously been here!?
Infact one of them had just been here about a month ago.
The calm one was brought here for sort of a joke on her as the Ravens Grin veterans did succeed in tricking her one time in a BIG way, much to their amusement...maybe she is their boss at work or something?
Just guessing.
Yes, I had a number of good laughs too, it's not about the munny!