View Full Version : The Computer is trying to KILL YOU!

Jim Warfield
12-12-2008, 09:55 PM
Map quest, and the rest send my customers and potential customers down obscure two-lane county blacktop roads, at night, in the winter, these people have already driven 3 1/2 hours and they aren't here yet! (Seems to have added at least an hour to their trip)
Maybe someday someone will suffer the ultimate price for such inattentiveness to practicality and this might change. Why do we have a highway system if all you need are 25 road changes stopping every 2 or 3 miles at a stop sign to then begin trying to find your way again on another narrow, twisty road with little to no shoulders and sometimes haphazard maintenance and numerous design flaws in it's basic layout, since it is following a 180 year old path from farmhouse to farmhouse.
Are you looking for a deer or other wild crittter to bounce off of your fender, try such roads as these at night and you will find them.
Well they finally arrived 4 1/2 hours to drive less than 3 normally.
I told them that I would Never send someone down those roads at night, in the wintertime. The one woman said that now after having driven down those roads that she would never want to drive down them again! (See what I mean?)
These three young woman had a great time in the house and one of them reacted like I have never seen happen before.
She was trying not to laugh out loud so she was racked by self-inflicted internal quiet tremors as she struggled to contain herself.
This went on for what seemed like possibly 4 minutes!
And what happened to make her react like this?
As I was showing them a little hand-held display item with all the lights on in my spooky kitchen I merely let out a very quiet sigh......you had to have been there.
I have had many react to this small routine but she was really different!
Quite the ego's power-trip to do so little of any normal consequence and make someone totally helpless for such a period of time.
Their stop here was a lot of fun for all, they stopped here on their way to their destination way on the other side of Iowa