View Full Version : Dec. 13th house tour

Jim Warfield
12-13-2008, 08:40 PM
They sent me a check weeks ago for 8 people to be here, they saw this place on channel 7 out of Chicago last October!! (And I thought nobody saw that except Jessica's Dentist!)
Last night my tour was definately adult in nature , this afternoon it was geared for the 14 yr. old boys in the room. Amazing how different it can be from one tour to the next!
AS the 14 yr. old boys were warming up to being here my front room the routine managed to get some laughs and then some yelling and screaming followed by laughing at those who had been screaming .
Stimulation is a wonderfull thing to hand out.
Near the tour's conclusion the one thin, short boy who didn't seem to be having as much fun as the rest complained about his partaking of a certain optional activity here (talked into it by his Mother) He said, or rather whined, "I didn't like that!"
So I told him to quit chewing and spit it out.
As everyone but Dad and one Daughter-in-law were through the exit at the tour's end, they began fumbling around in their pockets and then handed me 11 one dollar bills for a tip.!?
"I never expect that."
"We want you to have this because you took so much extra time with us and we really enjoyed the tour."
I was gracious and didn't tell them that their tour was the same tour I give to everybody.
I didn't really want then have to give them back the tip.