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12-11-2006, 08:54 PM
Some ghosts are believed by some people to be the unhappy and often harmful spirit of a dead person. Once, many superstitious people believed in ghosts. As more persons became educated, the belief in ghosts still persists in parts of the world. There are many different ideas about the powers of a ghost. Some people insist that a ghost can be heard, but never seen. Others believe that ghosts are visible to some people and can be recognized because they never cast shadows or leave footprints, and can walk thru closed doors and solid walls. Believers in ghosts think that some evil causes ghosts exists to right and wrong or revenge a crime. For instance, they think that the spirit of someone who was murdered will return and causes trouble for the killer. This association with crime causes many to fear the possibility of ghosts. Ghosts are supposed to work only at night when the light is poor.
A person's senses can play tricks on him when it is difficult to see. A fluttering rag, reflected moonlight, or a white stone, may have led superstitious people to believe that they had seen a ghost. Animal movements, shutters slamming in the wind, or creaking doors also lead people to believe in ghosts. Ghosts play apart in many primitive religions. They have always been a favorite subject of writers and storytellers. Shakespeare created several famous ones in his tragedies, particularly in "Hamlet and Macbeth". Marley's ghost in "Dicken's A Christmas Carol" is a well-known literary figure.

12-13-2006, 10:24 AM
I respect that other people believe in ghosts but I personally don't believe they exist. I know other people have had experiences but I have not. Maybe that is why I don't believe in them.

Jim Warfield
12-14-2006, 09:42 PM
When I bought this house 20 years ago, my limited belief was that whenever there was a "wrongful" death, murder, suicide or someone just wasn't really ready to die yet, that there could be a residue of energy left behind that certain people , during certain times of the year, moon's phases or weather , could see or hear, on a limited basis, of course. But my thinking on this did not account for or explain why or how a "voice" could call someone's name in this one room here? (Happening since at least 1970)
How could mere left behind energy know, or call you by your name? Vocal chords floating in mid-air? "Heard" only with by one's mind? Communicated via the mind, making it seem like the ears and hearing were involved? Too many unanswered questions to be at ease with.
I only beleive what I have heard, felt or seen, of course this is after exhausting all other explanations or possibilitys for the event.
There have been times that other worldly explanations were found like when a basement display using water suddenly turned itself on one winter night at 3am. The water had froze, expanded and pushed itself through the water-activated switch, turning itself, it's lights and the sound track on.
There was a time period five years ago when alot of very strange things went on here that could not be explained in worldly terms.
I posted on Hauntworld about 25 nights ago about three of us all hearing a woman's voice sort of singing in the wine cellar at 1:55am! The voice seemed to be coming from up near the ceiling, the ceiling is 12 foot high, a stone arch construction with maybe six foot of earth on top of the stones, then the house on top of the earth, not exactly accessable to anyone wishing to somehow put their voice into this room.
Telling people the haunted history of this house scares the hell out of some people, when I tell it totally seriously. I usually don't tell it seriously , I want and need them to have a fun time and tell their family and friends, and come back, give me more money so I can pay my bills.
It is not hard for me at all to be a very effective storyteller because it is not a "story" that I'm telling them, it's the truth of what has gone on here.
The things I talk about have happened to former tennants here, my past October helpers, my wife, my ex-wife and most importantly, myself, myself, because I know what I saw, heard or felt for sure, no exageration. I try to tell exactly waht happened here in normal, descriptive words, not sensationlising it for any effect and then I try to maintain that description forever, not embellishing it or making the event more than what it actually was.
When people return and hear me talking about the things that happened to them here I ask them to please change or correct anything they might find any degree of disagreement with as far as the real facts or wording.
So far nobody has asked me to change anything.
It is a "Haunted", Haunted House, which does lose me some business, probably more than it makes for me, but I am compelled to tell them the truth so as to protect their minds from possibly collapsing with self-doubt and fear if something supernatural happened to them while they were here and then they simply thought that they were losing their mind.

07-23-2007, 01:11 PM
My house is haunted. Fairly new one as well. Doesnt affect my life any. Old place was haunted as well.

11-04-2007, 12:01 PM
I respect that other people believe in ghosts but I personally don't believe they exist. I know other people have had experiences but I have not. Maybe that is why I don't believe in them.

My husband think the same thing. He'll beleive in ghosts when they start paying rent.

I didn't beleive in them until I encountered one. I use the term GHOST for lack of a better term because I don't beleive in the afterlife ... so I'm not sure what I encountered .... yet.

Captain Spaulding
03-29-2008, 10:16 AM
How would you explain the fact that some people see ghosts as say a dead family member or a historical figure or something like that? Do we maybe project what we want them to be when do happen to catch a glimpse?

Perhaps? Just my opinion... Obviously, ghosts haven't been able to be studied in detail, as nobody has really been able to catch one. Transformation? Visual illusions? Who knows?

Jim Warfield
04-01-2008, 05:48 PM
"Ghosts" and similar strange things ..are they really That strange?
Consider speaking and having someone thousands of miles away hear what you are saying? Radio, tv ? Electricity in the air all around us and for some reason it decides to silently carry our likeness until we decide to pull it out of the air?
If tv and radio can work as it does then why not ghosts? Just tune in, watch and listen very carefully.

damon carson
09-25-2008, 11:17 AM
Your house would and & will make a person second guess yourself. Thats for sure! I had always been a skeptic and still are to a certain degree. I just dont go thinking everything is haunted if a person claims it is. Ive always read ghost stories, read about haunted houses ect. I always believed in them. But Im from Missouri so like the motto of our state is, SHOW ME! The night I spent in the Ravens Grin Inn I was definately SHOWN! More than once! And it wasnt Jim dancing around in the dark with a black light and a white sheet. Many things happened from a voice yelling out "Hey!" to me in the cellar to a stream of water splash in from of me. As if an invisible hand slapped the water while I was washing my hands. Then splashing on the kitchen door about 3ft away. Too laying on his couch at 4 in the morning watching red and green orbs appear and flash and then swirl around in the room. The only thing I didnt see was a full body apparition. Jim the next time I come back you better guarantee this or I want my money back!!! LOL!

Jim Warfield
12-23-2008, 01:37 AM
Now that your first date with my house is out of the way..next time might see a bigger show for you. Can you handle it?

damon carson
12-23-2008, 12:39 PM
LOL! Ya Im sure I could handle it Jim! Just as long as some door to hell doesnt open up and pull me in! LOL!

Jim Warfield
12-25-2008, 08:08 AM
We would all like "Hell" to be on our own terms wouldn't we?
Kind of hard to find such leverage though.
Did you make the downpayment on one of satan's time/share condominums?
You get to stay there every other millenium.
He showed me one,( even gave me a free t-shirt,) in New Orleans but I could foresee alot of maintenance nightmares ahead, like removing the entire second floor deck to fix the leaking flat tar roof under it and no plumbing access behind the tub faucets.

01-15-2009, 02:17 AM
I went Waverley Sanatorium and It was haunted, I saw Black Shadows walking about the halls and I don't think they are souls more of kind of echos of what happen there you know.


Jim Warfield
01-15-2009, 07:53 PM
A customer touring my house told me about what had happened at a abandoned nursing home about 100 miles from here.
There is a hole, maybe rotted? Through the building and from the attic you can look down and see the basement four floors away!
A tricycle either was pushed or just fell into this open, dangerous hole, they watched it and heard if fall.
They went down to the basement and there was no tricycle to be found!?
They returned to the attic and there it was!
I was sort of familiar with the nursing home.
I visited my Grandmother there about 44 years ago, she passed away there.
The hallucinations she was having were incredible and funny...maybe people die and sometimes leave those hallucinations behind for the living to enjoy?
She was telling me with a gleam in her eye that she was just in a parade, on a float, wearing big Mexican sombrero.
She could no longer move much in reality. Her time was very close.

Jim Warfield
03-27-2009, 06:54 PM
And usually they seem like they are actually genuine people, telling me the truth.
For the non-believers read on...A woman's son was killed while they were on vacation, he got clobbered by another jet-ski.
A few months later, back home in Dixon, Ill. another son of hers came up from his basement bedroom and told the rest of the family(a large family) that their son and brother who was living in Colorado would be all right. Don't panic, don't expect the worst."
That was all that he could tell them for now.
A few days went by and then they got word that the Colorado boy had been mugged, stabbed and he was in the hospital!
He recouperated, recovered.
The family now wanted to know how their son living in the basement knew this was going to take place?
As he was sitting on his bed the ghost of the brother killed by the jet-ski appeared, and looked totally real and solid in form, he told of the Colorado misfortune about to transpire, but made him promise not to say anymore than the minimal information beforehand.

One of her sons was sent home from grade school something totally out of character because he never got in trouble at school.
"They sent me home because I upset Mr. ("Whatshisname"?), the janitor, I told him that he should see a Doctor right now because if he didn't that he would die!"
"You shouldn't go around upsetting people like that, you know better!"
"But Mom, he is really sick, I can see it by looking at him."
"He's still at the school working , though, right?"
The janitor died a day or two later.

Ever heard the legend/myths concerning a seventh son of a seventh son?
There were seven boys in their family.

Old Tree Studios
03-28-2009, 12:28 PM
I'm fully expecting the digital age we live in to at some point in the near future put an end to the debate once and for all. With inexpensive and powerful equipment available to everyone, camera phones, web cams, and HD recorders you can stick in your shirt pocket, SURELY someone will soon catch some indisputable evidence if there is indeed anything "over there".

Lacking any indisputable evidence recorded anywhere in the world, I think at some point the belief in ghosts will begin to recede into the annals of human lore along with Zeus, Apollo and the Cyclops.

Of course, the power of cheap technology brings with it the ability to create the convincing forgery... so we may never know.

Jim Warfield
03-29-2009, 12:40 PM
Usually if you have had a supernatural experience ..then you believe, if you never have had such an experience..then you usually don't.
Even discounting "Imagination" and sensory disfunctions there will still remain a whole many things out there that will never be explained away that science can't figure out.
For instance the recent incident where a woman had a tooth ache, yet her dentist could find nothing causing it, then she found out her identicle twin 2,000 miles away just had that tooth pulled.
Yes a great many people are full of bull-chitt or simply desire an audience so the fantastic stories are born.. but it isn't all like that, infact many people have told me their stories who are very conservative, unimaginative, sober people who had not just returned froma loved one's funeral, they had no thoughts of mortality weighing down their minds then, "What was that?"

My Brother and his co-worker were driving down a country road on a beautiful day when a mile or less ahead of them two bright lights zoomed up into the sky.
Upon closing the distance, they discovered at the same moment they saw these two bright lights fly up and dissappear that two people had just met their death in a car wreck.
My Brother and the other man were thinking about their impending lunch at the time, that was all.
I have a theory that often the supernatural uses our own minds as a receiver for their messages.
numerous people have "heard" their names called in on part of this house, loud enough to wake them from a sound sleep when it was a bedroom in the one apartment. This boggled my logical mind for quite some time. Ghosts have vocal chords? They can speak? Tune in upon our internal brain frequency and they are "talking" from inside our own heads.
There are some haunted people, some genuinely , some for attention.
Some haunted people I have met had hideous childhoods. This might have increased their sensitivity or maybe made them audience-seekers?
There are also "power-Seekers" who seek some quasi-religious power or influence over others to feed their own ego or wallet or both....