View Full Version : Thank You TEXAS!!!

Jim Warfield
12-26-2008, 08:40 PM
After a snowed under December tonight 14 people showed up for a house tour and half of them were from Texas!!?
It was a group of young and old, first timers and previous customers and the Texans were from Houston and Longveiw and came here with other people, they didn't know each other.
One of my items just so happened to make itself known during the show tonight a blanket that says on it :"The Grassey-Knoll Picinc blanket from Dallas, Texas".

It is very foggy in Illinois tonight not a good night to be out driving , everything is in melt-down mode and the temperature is warmer than it has been since the middle of November, tomorrow's forecast is for rain, thunder and then more snow and ice!?? Positively nutty!
My sump pump drain pipe won't get thawed out until it's frozen again!