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01-01-2009, 09:49 AM
Here is a list of the seminars with the speakers websites still included - If you want to learn more about them.

Prices TBA from Transworld!


The Triple Threat!

Three Tracks of Powerful Seminars Designed to Supercharge
Your Haunted Attraction!
PLUS: A Trilogy of Dynamic Workshops
And Special Warm up Early Bird Seminars!


A Taste of Haunted Houses and Outdoor Events to come!

Friday March 27th 9AM-9:45AM

Terror in the Corn! - Building Haunted Attractions in Corn Mazes

Jason Mendoza & Mike Knuist - CONOVER MYSTERY RANCH - www.screamworks.org (http://www.screamworks.org)

Explore the making of The Conover Mystery Ranch and the Sinisterium, two elaborate illusion filled haunted events hidden deep within a twenty acre corn maze! Discover how the Screamworks team achieved financial and critical success with an event made up almost entirely of recycled materials, including a haunt built out of garage doors!

Seminar Track #1

Friday March 27th 10AM-11AM

1) Creating Powerful Images and Videos to Market your Haunt

Scott Simmons - THE SCAREHOUSE - www.TheScarehouse.com (http://www.TheScarehouse.com)

These days potential haunt customers want to know exactly what they are spending their hard earned cash to experience. Scott Simmons from THE SCAREHOUSE will reveal modern methods to brand your event as a movie caliber production, including slick photos and expertly produced videos that really give your customers a taste for more!

Friday March 27th 11:15AM-12:15PM

2) Over the Top Art Direction: Creating Massive Sets and Intense Scenes with POW!

Dan McCullough -THE HOUSE OF TORMENT - www.TheHouseOfTorment.com (http://www.TheHouseOfTorment.com)

Join Dan McCullough and the House of Torment team as they explore the power of over the top art direction! See how they have taken a cinematic/video game like approach to fill their sets, costumes, characters and marketing with terrifying detail. Other topics covered will include the construction of HUGE sets and a discussion of their unique remote scare control room.

Friday March 27th 12:30 PM-1:30 PM

3) Halloween Attractions: How to Take Them Over the Top!

Larry Kirchner - HAUNTWORLD Magazine/THE DARKNESS - www.Hauntworld.com (http://www.Hauntworld.com)

Learn from Larry Kirchner how to take your Halloween event to the next level! What attractions should you add, what attractions bring in the biggest crowds? Learn how some of the biggest Halloween attractions in the industry are raking in the money by diversifying their events with multiple and retail opportunities. If you own a corn maze, zoo, or pumpkin patch then this seminar is for you.

Seminar Track #2

Friday March 27th 2:15 PM-3:15 PM

1) Haunted Trails - From Entry Level to Cutting Edge- How to impress your guests with a high quality production under the stars!

Wayne Barneschi - THE TRAIL OF TERROR - www.TrailOfTerror.com (http://www.TrailOfTerror.com)

For over 14 years Wayne Barneschi’s nightmarish Trail of Terror has haunted the townspeople of Wallingford, CT and donated over half a million dollars to the American Red Cross. Now he will share with you the secrets of what it takes to start up a safe and successful haunted trail, and how to take your existing outdoor haunted event to the next level!

Friday March 27th 3:30 PM-4:30 PM

2) High Octane Hayrides - Scare them by the Wagonload!

Randy Bates - THE BATES MOTEL - www.thebatesmotel.com (http://www.thebatesmotel.com/)

Hayrides have it much harder than haunted houses…they need to scare entire wagons at a time! Join Randy Bates, one of the country’s foremost experts on hayrides as he explores tried and true methods to scare massive groups all at once and still keep the wagons moving at the same time!

Friday March 27th 4:45 PM-5:45 PM

3) How to get in the Corn Maze Business!- The dos and don’ts for a start up Corn Maze!

Shawn Stolworthy- MAZE PLAY - www.Mazeplay.com (http://www.mazeplay.com/)

A fun and profitable addition to your outdoor Halloween attraction, corn mazes are a great way to expand your revenue into the daylight hours. Shawn Stolworthy of Maze Play creates over 90 corn mazes a year and will lead you through the “labyrinth” of creating a first class corn maze operation!

01-01-2009, 09:50 AM

A Taste of the Attraction Seminars and Workshops to come!

Saturday March 28th 9AM-9:45 AM

Rich Hanf - MASTER OF HORROR! -A Retrospective on haunting FECs PLUS an
Actor Training Workshop!

Join world famous haunted house consultant Rich Hanf on the ins and out of producing haunted events with FECs. Plus - Hands on Haunting - Easy Exercises to teach fresh haunt actors the fine art of the scare!

Seminar Track #3

Saturday March 28th 10AM-11AM

1) Making Money Year Round! - How one haunt added a major Renaissance Festival and a Christmas event to keep revenues flowing!

www.midwestrenfest.com (http://www.midwestrenfest.com/) & www.scaryacres.com (http://www.scaryacres.com/)

Attend this must see seminar and learn how Don Losole of Scary Acres in Omaha, Nebraska created a major event, The Midwest Renaissance Festival, from the ground up AND added a Christmas event to keep his business thriving all year long. Discover how your current infrastructure and marketing skills can bring new events online, building on your existing haunted attraction’s success!

Saturday March 28th 11:15AM-12:15PM

2) BUSCH GARDENS Howl-O-Scream Design Strategies - How to keep your haunted event fresh each year with new themes!

Robbi Lepre’ - BUSCH GARDENS TAMPA www.HowlOScream.com (http://www.howloscream.com/)

Busch Gardens Tampa is well known for changing large parts of its event every year and refining and reimagining the rest of its attractions. How do they produce one of the largest Halloween events in the country while still operating a major theme park and a vast Zoo at the same time?
Learn how they have worked with unique themes over the years to create such a successful and terrifying event!

Saturday March 28th 12:30PM-1:30PM

3) NIGHTMARE NEW ENGLAND - a Case Study- How to turn an FEC into a thrilling Halloween Adventure!

Mike “Tattoo” Krasert - NIGHTMARE NEW ENGLAND/TERROR ON THE FOX - www.NightmareNewEngland.com (http://www.nightmarenewengland.com/)

Taking an existing FEC and turning it into a hugely successful Halloween event in one year? Impossible! Or is it? Find out how the staff of NIGHTMARE NEW ENGLAND pulled off a massive event and achieved both financial and artistic success in their first year!

Workshop Track

A Trilogy of Dynamic Workshops!

Saturday March 28th 2:15PM-3:15PM

1) Bloody Mary - Hands on Makeup to Die For Zombie Workshop! -
Bobbie Weiner - BLOODY MARY MAKEUP - www.dearbloodymary.com (http://www.dearbloodymary.com/)

In this in depth workshop Bobbie Weiner AKA Bloody Mary, will transforms audience members into ghoulish zombies! As an extra bonus, Bloody Mary Makeup kits for the first fifty attendees will be provided so you to can join in the fun by creating your very own Living Dead!

Saturday March 28th 3:30 PM-4:30 PM

2) The First Haunted Attractions and the Creation of Bigfoot!

Phillip Morris - MORRIS COSTUMES - www.MorrisCostumes.com (http://www.morriscostumes.com/)

Philip Morris owner of the massive Morris Costumes will take you back 150 years in history and tell you how the very first Haunted House was created by the invention of the telegraph! You will see how the con men of that day made fortunes holding séances so their clients could communicate with their dead relatives. As a bonus Morris will show you the most Famous Costume in the World that millions upon millions still believe was the "real" Bigfoot. He will also go into detail about how the suit was created and why that hoax was so successful!

Saturday March 28h 4:45 PM-5:45 PM

3) Designing your Haunted Attraction in 3D with Cheap Software!
T.J. Mannarino - UNIVERSAL HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS - www.halloweenhorrornights.com (http://www.halloweenhorrornights.com/)

Learn how the staff of Universal Halloween Horror Nights uses SketchUp to design their entire event. This powerful program can create 3D walk throughs; integrate with existing CAD programs, and import photo backgrounds allowing a complete design before building a single wall panel! BONUS See 3D Walkthroughs of Universal Horror Night mazes!

01-01-2009, 09:56 AM
Wow... now this gets me excited! This line-up is AMAZING... I think we might be sending different crew members on different "tracks" to learn as much as they can! YAY!

Thanks for the info Ben... see you at TW! -Tyler

Killer Katie
01-01-2009, 06:59 PM
Sounds awesome! But i do have a question.... it seems like makeup and acting havene't really been represented adequately. Is this because it is geared more towards the buisness/design end? My main interest is this end, and the only makeup seminar was bloody mary, and I'll keep my opinion to myself about that :)
This is NOT an attack or anything, just curious!
Thanks for the post Ben!