View Full Version : What Does A Customer Need To Get Scared?

Jim Warfield
01-07-2009, 07:46 PM
I think it's an imagination.
People who have little or no imagination are very difficult to scare.
Just a touch of imagination opens the door to impossibilitys possibly being possible.
Or maybe it's a rabid possuum?
"Anticipation" sets them upon their personal road to feeling fears.
"Tick-Tock", TICK-Tock!" "TICK-TOCK!"....then...what? more of this(????)
Then.................?........WOW! GOTCHA!"
Building anticipation makes it all happen more over than not. Lose the anticipation and you have just tossed out the major tool to accent your product.
Rushing the process usually destroys it, sort of like an auctioneer being too jabberwokiied in his speaking to be understood, confusion from not understanding can be a good thing that can lead to fear. To communicate, speak plainly and often slower, especially if you really have something pertinent to say.
I am closely related to a person who would keep trying to cook food by turning the oven higher to compensate for not having say 30 minutes to cook, so 15 minutes at twice the temperature should work!
No it doesn't!
Building a good, thorough scare takes time, time to communicate, time for them to anticipate,
then a little more time to mis-direct them.

04-03-2009, 08:23 AM
Great points, but I would add the desire to get scared. If someone is dragged to a haunt and absolutely doesn't want to be there, then that person will intentionally not get scared.

Jim Warfield
04-04-2009, 01:54 AM
I have found ways of overcoming that, scaring someone who was drug in and doesn't want to be scared.
I might only inform and entertain them, trying not to scare them if this is what they really need to have happen, I respect this, usually. (but can't always)
I also walk them through my house for usually 90 minutes! I offer alot of information and strange stimulation which possibly calms and distracts almost everyone enough to then get the scare. and by that time, it usually doesn't really take much, but then maybe by then they have become deeply afraid of me? How many people have paid them this much personal attention for such a period of time? ("I must be "different" to possibly actually CRAZY!/Dangerous!!!)
Maybe I just spent the last 90 minutes sizing them up for my large roasting pan?
When their friends holler back from the mysterious darkness many feet away , trying to calm them, I sometimes remark, "It is amazing how realistic of a human voice can be made by a little compressed air put through the vocal chords of a severed head."
(Who would know this besides a maniac?) HAHAHAHAH!