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01-08-2009, 04:17 PM
I'm creating my own attraction in the United Kingdom titled Closure.

The storyline and theme of attraction:

A young girl arrives at Verdun Manor after receiving a mysterious letter from her great grandfather, who died from an illness over hundred years ago; She soon finds out the sinister reason why she was beckoned there, and manages to escape from the house before it trapped her forever.

Now, fast forward to modern times; Verdun Manor is still standing and has been placed on the market for sale. You are invited to tour the house's rooms on the real estate's opening day. However, the house has the same intentions for you as it did for that young girl. Now you will have to choose how it all ends; bare the horrors that awaits as you venture throughout the rooms to get out alive, or become flesh for the house's hideous monsters to devour...

Guests will immerse into the attractions haunted house theme in which each room will have a supernatural being waiting to pounce on its victims. Audio and visual effects will help create the perfect atmosphere as the guests venture deeper into the haunts 10 rooms. The preshow will run 10 minutes as the attraction itself will estimately run another 10.

The location:

The attraction is referred to as 'taking horror on the road' and will be presented in different Community Centers around the country of Wales. Each location will have a different layout giving its guests an unpredictable pathway each time. The highly trained actors vary their scare tactics throughout the day to keep the screams and shocks going. Rooms will be added or refurnished depending on the structure of the Community Centres Hall layout.


I was hoping if anyone who works in the Haunt Industry would like to expand their business and sponsor my soon-to-be-haunt in the United Kingdom. There's a huge market for this type of profession in the UK as there's very little few attractions of this kind. Also being a mobile attraction will help people around the country to experience the horror.

Here's what I'm looking for in the sponsorship: I'm not asking for payment. Just some props, scenery, and costumes which you don't need anymore for a small price or for me to rent them off you. Everything you can supply will deeply help to take this attraction off the ground - animated props, lighting effects, fog, strobe and black light, costume accessories, banners etc.

And you? We will advertise your company as a [Your Company] Presents Closure. We would be happy to be affiliated with you and use your title ontop of ours in every form of merchandise and advertising that we will produce.

So please respond to this if your interested or have some questions that need answering.


Jim Warfield
01-08-2009, 07:13 PM
I assumed from this little information that your theme would have had to do with Verdun, France and World War One. (Since they might be just a few ghosts hanging around there?)
Gettysburg Battleground attract numerous ghost hunters who do come back with some interesting stories and photos sometimes.
Good luck with your project. Such things do take alot of time and work.
I'm still working on my place after 21 years of ownership.

My Great-great Grandfather left England almost 200 years ago and left behind a "ghost" with a headache!
The old woman living behind the fireplace in the castle ruins he was bedded down in for the night got a poker to the head for her haunting efforts that evening. I guess her white sheet didn't offer much head protection.
I guess he didn't run out screaming like the previous visitors had.
The old Gal wanted the place all to herself.
She should have removed the pokers from the fireplace.
True story.

01-08-2009, 07:14 PM
Um...there's already a Verdun Manor...


Allen H
01-08-2009, 07:59 PM
Thrillvania's Verdun was named after a historical figure, so I cant see much of an argument there, Its also a common last name in Europe, and the attraction will be in England so it should not be a big deal.
Allen H

01-08-2009, 09:19 PM
Okee dokee!
I was just pointing it out...seemed strange to me that they'd both be 'Verdun MANOR'...and I didn't know all the details of the history.
If it works I'm all for it!
Again, just pointing it out to save someone in the planning stages any lawsuits, etc.


Greg Chrise
01-09-2009, 12:27 AM
Common foriegn name or not, it is going to be a little tough finding discriminating Americans willing to sell out to the name Verdun Manor as there is a dear memory of an attraction of that name already. It may have no legal binding but, a memory to many.

Unless of course it was Verdun Manor Dubia or Kuala Lumpar and everyone involved in haunting got a check for about 50,000 euros. Then it would be okay.

01-10-2009, 11:20 AM
I'm sorry I never realized a attraction already exists using that title. Verdun is latin for fear, and that's the reason why the house is called that. Would this be a problem?

Greg Chrise
01-10-2009, 07:57 PM
It might help to explain that the man who created the American version of Verdun Manor thoughtlessly helped very many haunters and died at the young age of 38. Verdun Manor continues to be operated by his parents and the crew that worked with him.

So it is with some level of respect. Verdun Manor /Thillvania is no small property and the man Lance Pope spent many years to creat it.

So, at least in haunting tribute, the name of an attraction is cemented into lore here in the States regardless of how large a country, Mr. Pope effected the whole country as inspiration.

Kind of unwritten retirement of a haunt name? Like when a sports figure retires a number?

You can do what you want but, your very first approach was to ask Americans to give props and haunt items to sort of disrespect that retired number. You might get several requests to respectfully chose a different name or at very least keep it as advertised in your own country.

It's just a respect thing. If it makes no difference to you and it is a generic latin term, go for it, I'm sure so many of your own countrymen will be as excited about the name as you are.

I don't know enough to stress an equally disrespectful or tasteless suggestion that could make you understand. Winston Churchill Labrynth, Mini Golf and Gift Shoppe? The Evil Royal Circus? Pricess Di's Secret?

No Problem at all.

Greg Chrise
01-10-2009, 08:01 PM
Maybe once you develop so many Verdun Manor trinkets we could find a proper use for O.J.Simpson and send him to retrieve said memorabilia?

No Problem.