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01-11-2009, 08:06 AM
I just want ideas for rooms, I am having a serious "haunter's block" i guess you could call it. I can't think of anything new. I like to use clowns in my houses so any clown ideas would be great. But any ideas you have are good.

Jim Warfield
01-11-2009, 08:19 AM
Not the actual room where this happens though. Mirrors, chairs, stuff sitting out, some clothing hung around, a collection of meat cleavers, some strange leather harnesses,membership plaques on the wall from various fringe political action groups, some post-it notes with definately disturbing commnets, like ""J", your big snake seems to be dead or just asleep, I left it in this drawer."
After they contemplate all or some of these props they should be distracted enough that they can be scared from any direction by anything.
Customers love to read and reading sucks their brain away from that danger mode long enough to get them!
I have seen this happen here Many times.

Remember to do the extra necesarry work to wire-down or bolt down all props for everyone's safety.

RJ Productions
01-12-2009, 02:57 AM
Did a Clown room a couple years ago, two actors in identical clown outfits. Patrons came down a hall facing a hidden drop panel with Clown A behind it. Patrons turned right,m walked down a hall with the walls slanted, curtain on both ends of the hall. It opened to a large room with several large colored boxes, like human sized Jack in the boxes. Gag went like this....

Approach the drop panel Clown A does the drop scare.
Patron continue into hall, as soon as everyone is in the hall Clown B (in the big room)
flings open the curtain and yells at them to get moving, then ducks back into the room.
Waiting a half a beat Clown A jumps through the curtain behind them, drop panel is mounted in a door that he can just open after they enter the hall and is now behind them.
Clown A yells the same as Clown B did."...I told you get moving!!"

Patrons enter room, painted in black light colors, there is a large empty jack in the box, lid open to their left, another box ahead of them with Clown B standing in it acting like a static Jack in the Box.

As they get close to Clown B, Clown A slams down the lid to the empty Jack in the Box coming over the top of it!

Just as they finish jumping away from him and try and exit the room, Clown comes "alive" and the front of his box is swinging doors which he slams open to come towards them!!

Great part is people think it is just one actor and they can't figure how he gets in front of them, then in back of them, then back in front so fast! Then at the end BOTH actors are aliove and chasing them! You get 5-6 scares from the 2 actors. When the actors get the timing down it is a GREAT scare!!

It's the only Clown room I ever did.

Good luck

Jim Warfield
01-12-2009, 08:52 AM
I either have a couple of identicle twins (Hard to go back and make that happen) or I have ways of moving through my house that help me to get infront of the customers?
"HHHMM?" Now which could it be?
I insrtalled a hidden "Fireman's pole" many years ago, I still need the dead dalmation to finsih out my dot room.
I actually could need a few more firemans poles now but that operation is beyond my capacity to finance. (Need alot of laughing gass to ease the pain)
One night I had twins working here to appear from various distant coffins.
I used to have a dummy dressed to resemble me which fooled some people for awhile, just long enough for me to get them!
Then the dummy stole my ex-wife , she liked his calmer personality.
They may still be together?

Allen H
01-12-2009, 10:35 AM
When I am stuck I have a trick to get going again. I play an association game. If your theme is clowns, then there are tons of things to associate with.
Clowns lead to Circuses which lead to Circus animals, which leads Monkeys. which gives me an idea to share with you.
It is a black light room, a strong black light hangs in a corner of the room, the walls, floor ,and cielieng have all been painted black a tire swing hangs from an opposite corner and a taught web of yellow nylon rope (which is normally UV reactive) is criss crossing the room over head (at about the 7 or 7.5ft height) suddenly from a corner of the room An Orangutan with one of those silly circus collars on bursts from behind a black curtain and charges the guests swinging along the ropes overhead and never touching the ground. Its important to get an orang out fit that is black-light reactive, many fake furs are, those that are not can be spray painted to react with orange phosphorescent spray paint.
The trick is that the costume is cut off at the knees and the bottoms were cut out of the monkey feet and attached at the actors knees. his legs from the knees down are in black pants ,boots, and socks. In the conditions of the room his legs disappear making the orangutan appear to be swinging around the ceiling with out touching the floor. A tall energetic actor would be good for the room. Setting up the area in the hallway before with a circus poster of Oswald the man eating Orangoutang and various other circus animal stuff.
Let me know if ya like it,
Allen H