View Full Version : Gothic clothing for sale

01-16-2009, 11:45 PM
Thses coats have got to be seen to understand just how beautiful they truly are. custom made, high quality, made in england, salem and the neatherlands. paid 200.00-285.00. Mint condition no stains, no rips and come from a smoke free home. only asking 90.00 easch. a costume store could easily rent these out over and over again and make a great profit for a small investment.
6 coats priced at $85 each
3 matching vests priced at 45.00 each
4 matching shirts priced at 55.00 each
1 (or 2?) top hats priced at 50.00 each
1 cane priced at 65.00 TOTAL= 980.00

or everything at a price package of 650.00 contact me at darkangelrick aT aol dot com for pics and info a good costume store could make a great profit by renting out these clothes over and over again