View Full Version : Location to buy cheap **** with my logo on it

01-19-2009, 06:24 PM
Hey all!

I've getting back feedback that stuff with my logo on it in my haunt actually does sell....so I was wondering where everyone buys their stuff with logos on it for the cheapest price...also, which things would be the best sellers/ most profitable? shirts? pens? underwear?


01-19-2009, 06:51 PM
you can try branders.com
Register there and you can see your logo on the product after you upload the file.

01-19-2009, 07:39 PM
4imprint.com is another good site. Try googling "custom printable items" for more options.

I think t-shirts are always a good bet, and they could also be given to your crew at the end of season. Hoodies work too, but are a bit pricier.

Pens typically seem to be "freebie" items, so unless you find some really cool pens (like syringes, bones, etc), people probably won't buy them.

01-19-2009, 08:54 PM
I've used contagiousgraphics.com for my tshirt and sticker needs before. They can put your logo (or any other artwork) on a wide variety of things, and are really high quality. They also have some cool things like an option for glow in the dark ink on tshirts.

Jim Warfield
01-21-2009, 07:54 AM
There was a salesman right here in Mount Carroll who would beat everybody's price on bumper stickers, pens and he was also the big company's top salesman almost every year.
Some other phone salesman told me the local guy's bumper stickers must be made out of paper to be that cheap. No they looked great after 3 years of being outdoors in the weather, sun, rain, snow.....18.5 cents each! for 3,000 at a time.
He retired.
Good price and quality of product doesn't always just come from the BIG guys.