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01-23-2009, 04:15 AM
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As I'm still new to this site, trying to figure out where to post what, I also got the feeling that everyone set up a haunted house that works the best for him, or the area he present it in.

I'm an entertainer for at least 25 years, also running setup haunted houses at parties, fete's etc. now and then. The only haunted houses you get in South Africa (because thats where I'm from ) is may be schoolkids set up their own for some school function. One guy I know got a small tent type house going around to showgrounds. Wish I could import one of you're guy's to set up one here!

I only used actors before in themed rooms, and a witch guide, with some puzzles like how to get through a door, wierd bottles with funny ingrediants on selves, jars with organ pieces to feel, spiders, cocoons, etc. I do find that the use of animatronics differ quite a bit between everyone. Stuff like this is not known at all in my country, and not even seen.

So I was wondering if anyone can tell me more on the following :

1. On the site www.hauntedprops.com/ they got this inflatable haunted
houses 'The Creature' and 'The Giant'. Will you use something like that?
2. Does anyone know or ordered from this site before?
3. 'Unit 70' looks like a great trustworthy site, but how do their prices compere, or where will you go?
4. If only use 1 or 2 animatronics in the house to set the scene, will it be okay?
5. If so, will you go for floor standing units, floor creeping or sitting stuff, wall
units etc.

Thanx, have a spooky day!

Jim Warfield
01-23-2009, 08:56 AM
Explored how much it might cost to get items sent to you in S. Africa?
My neighbor used to mail his masks around the world and sometimes to some locations the frieght costs were just too much!
I think this would be a big factor in deciding what and how you want to make your dream happen.
Air powered displays need a compressor , the compressor needs electricity and compressors run pretty noisey.
Safely installing air powered devices so they don't hit anyone or have pieces fly off of them violently and hit someone is the trick.
I think slow moving displays will scare people just as much as the quick, violent moving ones, less wear & tare on compressor and cylinders too!
Real quick movement often doesn't give the customer time to be scared before the process is all over with. A few fractions of a second as something more slowly moves gives their eyes and brain a small chance to dwell in the fearfull land of "What Is That?".
I'm sending you a private message too, top secret stuff, info only a very few can handle.

01-23-2009, 09:03 AM
Need help? Write anytime xtremecreators@aol.com or call John 440 749 1018.

Thank You