View Full Version : human hearts with heartworms for VALENTINES !

01-28-2009, 11:08 AM
2009 is here and so is my first new twisted item for this year: Human hearts in jars infested with heartworm parasite ! This is just in time for Valentines day ! Who wants candy anyway ? Give that special someone your heart, AND the worms with it... YUCK ! Perfect for monster and horror fans as well as haunted attractions. We have all seen many "jar props" but never quite like this. This hand made super detailed prop would even fool Dr Frankenstein himself ! Available in 3 versions: "Bloody" version, clean "lab" version, and dirty "dungeon" version.

click here to see a video :


This is not listed on the website site yet so email me to ORDER NOW for delivery in time for Valentines day 2009 !
ONLY $55
includes shipping in the USA

Chris Russell