View Full Version : Internet ticketing - what to look for

02-01-2009, 11:32 AM
For those of you who do use internet ticketing, or intend to in the future, what do you all look for? What features do you prefer to see? I'm in the process of developing an internet ticketing system, that won't be targeted specifically to haunts but will be targeted towards multi-day attractions. So this is your chance to see something developed through the help of your input.

Specific questions I have:

Would you want service fees added to the final ticket price (as in, you set your price at $10 and then fees are added) or have the fees deducted from the price you set? Or have the option to decide this on a case by case basis?

Do you find your event focusing more on e-tickets or physical printed tickets? Would you be interested in an e-ticket only system if it meant zero setup fees?