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Dead Syndicate
02-03-2009, 09:06 AM
We are a haunted attraction company based out of Laurel, MD and we are having a huge sale of some of our used (but good) props at really good deals!! We are changing our entire theme for 2009 and don't need a lot of our old props. We are also moving to a permanent location and don't need our tent any longer. So, wether you are a new haunt just getting started, or a veteran attraction looking to expand, you might want to take a look at what we have... Here is a list of some of what we have....

-Custom made tombstones (about 25-30 of them). They look real. Better than anything you'll find in the stores.

-Custom made life-sized, static monsters. Again, you won't find anything like them in the market. We made them ourselves and we are selling them at a reasonable price! Only asking $250 for each of them.

-40'x100' used tent for sale!!! (4,000 square feet) This tent is all white on the outside (good for advertising and helps your customers find you easier) and is all black on the inside (great for haunting!!). Comes with everything you need to set it up. You get the tent top (comes in 3 sections), the side walls, the poles (about 28 ten foot poles, 4 sixteen foot poles, and 4 twenty foot poles), 28 stakes, 28 ratchet tie-downs, and two sledge hammers. All of this for only $6,000!!

-200 double-sided, flame retarded wall panels (4' wide x 8' tall) for sale. They were only used for one season (this past Oct. 2008) and are in good shape! 150 of these panels have a trough built into the tops to allow space for you to hide your extension cords and wires from view from your customers (helps suspend disbelief and the inspectors love this feature!!) Also included are 6 half sized wall panels (2' wide x 8' tall) which come in handy when you don't need a full panel in some corner due to your design. These wall panels were build "Leonard Pickel" style. The are durable, yet compact. Only used for one season. Also included is a 5 gallon bucket of simpson strong ties to link the walls together into any configuration you choose. These wall panels are portable and can be set up to be temporary or permanent. Best part is that you can chance your room designs around again and again, year after year! You also get a bucket of screws, and a bucket of hinges, latches, and handles for any doors you want to install. Its easy to turn any of the panels into a door with these accessories. In materials alone, these wall panels are worth over $15,000. Add in labor, and they are worth around $25,000. We're only asking $10,000 for them!! If you buy the tent and the wall panels together, well even take off a $1,000 and sell you both for only $15,000!! You can't beat a deal like this anywhere.

- We have a Scare-O-Jack for sale from Gore-Galore. They sell them with all the bells an whistles plus S&H for $3,600. This one was only used for one season. We're selling the exact same thing for only $2,800!!!! Now that's a real deal! If you don't know what they look like, visit their website at www.gore-galore.com

-We have several versions of our custom made animatronics for sale. You won't find anything like these anywhere, because we made them ourselves. These puppies were built to last for many years to come. We have one that scissors out of a wall/picture frame and extends 9 feet!!! Another one is a simple pop up with a half-torso corpsed zombie attached to it. It rests 1 foot off the floor and flips upright to approx. 6 feet! We have two more that we call "risers" as they rest approx. 6" off the floor and rise up to approx. 9' in the air!!

- We have various foam-filled, static, latex props for sale. Everything from a giant rat, giant frog, rats, mice, large bats, etc. to zombie torso's, etc. We also have two identical demon/gargoyle/dogs for sale. They have horns, glowing yellow eyes, wings and tail.

-We have over $800 worth of Fear Flaps for sale (bought them from Oak Island Productions). The kind they used to sell.... The ones that are 12" wide (1 foot wide)! Only asking $600 for them. They were only used for one season and are in excellent condition! They are flame retarded and are great for separating rooms/scenes.

-We have a full roll of erosion cloth that has been flame retarded 4 times!!! Bought from Oak Island Productions, a 75 yard roll sells for $150. With the flame retardant, we're only asking $100 for it.

-We have a professional PA system for sale. Comes with two wedge shaped speakers and 2 tri-pod stands for them (with a carry bag for the tri-pods), a microphone and stand, 2 large subwoofers (bought from www.frightprops.com), and 2 regular shaped speakers. Also comes with a rolling case (black with crome trim) that houses not one, but TWO high-end, professional amplifiers and a high-quality mixing board!!! Only asking $3,500 for all of it.

-We have about 50 costumes (everything from an orange prison jump suit, to a professional wackenhut security outfit, clown costumes, vampire costumes, capes, robes, latex wings with "backpack" style straps for easy wear, strap on monster tails, monster feet, hooded cloaks, various latex masks and much, much more!!! Only asking $1,500 for ALL of the costumes and accessories... Easily worth over $3,000. Or, you may purchase only the ones you want individually.

-We have a small 6 gallon, "pancake" style air-compressor for sale. Only asking $75. Everything works, but it does need a new regulator, is all.

-We have professional, Mehron make-up for sale!!! Creme paint, eye-liner pencils, make-up removers, sponges, barrier sprays, and much, much more!

-We have a few strobe lights, flame pots, "Blaze" flame projectors (2), a "water abyss" water projector (1), black lights, "red" lights, and various other special effects machines.

-We have many odds and ends to complete various rooms/themes that you may be working on, but need that one last detailing touch to finish. We have a grandfather cloth, stone busts, also a 1' tall grandfather clock, tarnished silverware (including bowls, plates dishes, spoons, forks, knives, butter holders, etc, etc, etc.). Various "potion" bottles, etc. and much, much more!

-We have various severed limbs and body parts for sale.

-We are also professional mold-makers and can make anything you want custom. We can make things out of foam-filled latex, foam appliances, silicone props/body parts (the most realistic, but also the most expensive; expensive materials to work with), stone, resin, clear plastic, and much, much more. We make "sock" masks (or spandex masks) that have the realism of a foam latex appliance, yet the convenience of a pull over mask (the best of both worlds without the disadvantages of each)! We can make life-sized monsters, body parts, props, tombstones, and much, much more!

Too many things to list here... I'm sure that I left something out. e-mail us at contact@thefeargrounds.com or snaugle@gmail.com for pictures, prices and more information. Hurry though, because great deals like these won't be around for long!

Scott, "The GraveKeeper"

Jim Warfield
02-03-2009, 12:14 PM
My Mother-in-law doesn't allow her picture taken!
I know some bars have hidden cameras in them.
Scary rendition! Very nice!

02-03-2009, 03:39 PM
Wow Jim, you make my day so much better with every post you make.

What size are your blacklights Syndicate?

Dead Syndicate
02-06-2009, 09:55 AM
They are just the typical black lights... approx. a foot and a half to 2 feet. Don't have them in front of me right now, but that's a good guess.

02-06-2009, 07:36 PM
Hey Gravekeeper,

Where is your new location at in Maryland? I'm from Virginia, I went to a few haunts up in your area last year.

Congrats on your new spot!