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02-11-2009, 04:02 PM
IAHA Announces Affordable Health Care Coverage for Members
Greetings Fellow Haunters,

Two years ago when when we were creating our Three Year Plan, we asked IAHA members what benefits they would like to see from our association. Time and time again, affordable health care was mentioned as being of paramount importance. Today, it is my pleasure, on behalf of the entire Board of Directors, to announce that this goal has been met. IAHA members and their families now have access to affordable healthcare.

Stay healthy as you Scream As One!

Timothy Gavinski

The International Association of Haunted Attractions (IAHA) is pleased to present the new IAHA Health Care Benefit. This is a major milestone achievement from our Three-Year Plan.

As of February 2009, All Business or Individual Members of the IAHA now have access to affordable health care coverage through the IAHA Health Plan. This plan provides competitive premium rates that members can lock into for 3 years, or until that member decides that he/she no longer desires that plan.

If you are a vendor or an owner/operator that needs to hold onto your day job to maintain access to affordable health insurance for yourself and family, the IAHA Health Care Benefit can relieve you of that financial burden. It gives you access to affordable insurance while giving you the freedom to pursue the potential of your own business full-time in the industry you love.

Many, if not most haunters have day jobs. If you have lost yours, like so many recently, and need an alternative to the high prices of the COBRA Plans or individual insurance programs, this is a great solution. For the small price of an individual membership to the IAHA you could literally save thousands of dollars a year on your insurance premiums. (Example- one current IAHA member that is paying into the COBRA plan right now was quoted a rate that's about half his current premium).

Everyone in the industry that we've spoken to agrees that this is a great benefit for our industry, and it is as timely as it could get.

Brett Bertolino of Terror Behind the Walls said, "While the haunt industry had a very strong season last year, with most haunted houses meeting or exceeding 2007 attendance, the declining economy has impacted some haunt owners who relied on a day job for heath insurance...This could not have come at a better time."

The bottom line is that the entire haunted attraction industry has been in need of a health care program like this for a very long time. Many industry associations provide this to their members, and IAHA is proud to now be able to offer this benefit to its members.

Before you can take advantage of the new IAHA Health Care Benefit, be sure to renew your membership or join IAHA. Click here to renew your membership!

Visit the IAHA website for more information

IAHA has been around for ages talking about a healthcare plan, and now that HHA has announced that they will have one IAHA finally gets into gear. is it too late for them?

02-11-2009, 04:22 PM
I have been deleting any and all comments about IAHA because I consider this group self serving, and I know about several things the leadership of this group have done to help their own business while hurting the rest of the membership. I don't want to expose all of these things becuse what is the point because IAHA has failed terribly.

The point of an association is to find was to advance the industry, not yourself, not a select few but the whole industry. What does IAHA really do? They sponsor RFR, they sponsor MHC, they but you a magazine, in the past they have bought you a video, or a book bag, and they love to throw parties. Basically they take YOUR MONEY and they spend it on things you can buy yourself if you even need those things.

This has been their entire history aside from the constant scandles, or missing money, or paying for peope to see Disney World attractions or whatever else it is they have done. They have been at the center of so many different peoples anger from Leonard Pickel who accused them of trying to hurt his business or complete with his business to hundreds of haunt owners who said they got nothing for the investment.

Look here is the deal... the idea of an association is important, worthwhile and something I and every haunt owner should support. The main flaw in IAHA is over half of its membership DO NOT OWN HAUNTS! The direction of the association is guided by PEOPLE WHO DO NOT OWN HAUNTS, in fact many of them do not even own a HOME HAUNT. As we've seen Tim Turner has been like the main spokeman for the past year and what did he accomplish but offend people and again he does NOT OWN HAUNT!

IAHA's latest attempt is really just a survival ploy to make people think they are doing something... they signed up for an existing program with an insurance agency, something we can do, something you can do yourself.

IAHA has always been a very reactive group, meaning they do things reactive to what someone else does as in a panic. HHA under Allen Bennets leadership already knows about these plans, but we are looking for something better, cheaper deductable, that offers more coverage...in other words TAKE YOUR TIME AND DO IT RIGHT!!!!!!

We are not going to be reactive to something Tim Turner says, or something another group does, we're going to do what is best for the owners and operators of haunted attractions.

IAHA could have called the COBRA program 3 years ago, they could have called a year ago before we (HHA) mentioned and promoted we would start a comprehensive program of health insurance.

Bottom line is this...

Anyone can call an existing program and sign up. Anyone can buy you a copy of a magazine or a video but not just anyone has the leadership along with all members to guide the haunt industry into the future and beyond.

Many challenges face the industry, there are many hurdles, and you need owners and operators with common problems common goals and common agendas to solve them.

HHA will tackle these issues, and we won't take the easy road, we'll take the best road with clear objective to solve industry problems, promote our industry, and grow your buisness. If you want you want cake and cookie parties and spend your money to support something that just takes your money and sponsors things that more or less do nothing but remind you they are still alive go ahead.

A a haunt owner that isn't the best direction for my owner perosnal business therefore I will do everthing I can to help the HHA...