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12-22-2006, 07:58 PM
If you want to have your haunted house featured on a new Hauntworld Movie send your footage to: 501 Rolling Hills Drive, St. Charles, MO. 63304. c/o Halloween Productions/ Larry Kirchner

The deadline will be January 17th, 2007. We will for sure make a Hauntworld The Movie Part 17 and depending on the amount of footage a part 18. If you want your haunt featured send the footage!

Do you have a magazine article you'd like to write for the next magazine, an idea you want to hear about, or a press release: send them to darkrides@sbcglobal.net

Do you want to advertise in the next magazine? If so contact me directly or go to hauntedhousemagazine.com and click on advertise for a media kit.

You will notice some changes to Hauntworld very soon, for example the findhauntedhouse directly will start to show up on Hauntworld.com rather than hyper linking to another website.

Furthermore, if you bought a featured banner last year you will now be asked to renew start the first of the year. Once our deadline is reached for renewal we will open them up for anyone to buy, and then at Transworld anyone can buy whats left.

If you KNOW you bought a featured listing and want to renew contact me today by email darkrides@sbcglobal.net

Starting next year our directy will show up with advertisers on page one, and for an additional fee of $49.95 you can have your haunt listed on page one...all free listings will now be on a page two. Trackbacks will still rank the sites on pages one and two but if you upgrade you basic listing to a paid $49.95 you'll basic listing will now be amoung maybe 10 rather than 50 to 100.

Information about our featured listing can be emailed to you by request, otherwise you will get them if you bought featured listings last year.

Hauntworld Magazine will feature Cydney Neils Rocky Point Haunted House, and several articles written by Cydney herself. The magazine will also include Hanfadomas, and much more. The NEW Hauntworld Magazine will be the OFFICIAL HAUNTED HOUSE magazine of the Transworld Halloween and Haunted House show. The magazine will feature a collectors edition cover one like you've never seen before!!!

We expect the magazine to ship February 7th, 2007

Take care and Happy Holidays.

Larry Kirchner