View Full Version : NHC, Haunt Casting, Scarehouse, Zombies, Alice Cooper, & more on new show now up!!

02-23-2009, 10:45 PM
We close out February with news that we mentioned last week on our website about the Haunted House Association Auction at Transworld, the Rondo Awards, HMA.net's Mask Fest, National Halloween Convention, the Ghost Asylum, Zombie Singles, the Jacksonville Zombie Walk, Orlando Zombies, the Scarehouse, Zombie Manor, the Darkwood Haunted Mall, Urban Legend's haunt season casting call, the Motor City Haunt Club, Haunted Illinois, Zombietown Productions, Scars, Slay Angels, Plasmata, Halloween Movies.com, the Twilight film series, and so much, much more!!

Also, we will have the complete list of dvd releases for next week, another "Friday the 13th" review on our review countdown of the film series, another haunted how to project, and our demonic DJ Iann Sane spins an Alice Cooper classic on our musical segment, "The Vortex!"

Listen to show: http://www.mypodcast.com/fsaudio/hauntedradio_20090223_2221-387213.mp3

Website: http://hauntedradio.50webs.com/