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02-24-2009, 01:21 PM
This will be a thread without photos merely to keep you updated as to all the details of each event. Please follow this thread as I will post all instructions, rules, and details here.

Ask any questions and I will be sure an answer them.

Now a few updates.

So far we have 600 tickets sold for the tour on Saturday. We expect it to go up and over 1000. So its very important that you only show up during your time slot. If you have purchased a behind the scenes tour I will advice you as to what time all of these guests should show up.

STAY TUNED HERE! Also we will make an announcement on this at the dinner itself. We are going to clear our a whole time slot just for you!

If you want your tickets to the Saturday tour buy them NOW not at the last minute so you can get the time reserved that you want.

The dinner behind the scenes tour is SOLD OUT!

The second behind the scenes tour starting at 10pm which will let you into the haunt by no later than 10:30pm has 50 out of 100 tickets left.

That will sell out within 2 weeks I would imagine so if you want them get them quickly.

On Saturday we do plan to have an auction for HHA and we are piling up the props so make sure you show up early and often to bid on all the cool stuff. We will also be signing up haunts for the HHA as well.

More to come later.


02-24-2009, 09:46 PM
If you bought a ticket to the first behind the scenes tour your tickets for the Saturday event will be between 9pm and 10pm. Show up at 9pm.

If you bought the second late night behind the scenes tour show up at 8pm to 9pm for your Saturday tour.

The time slot for 9-10pm is sold out, reserved for the behind the scenes tour folks.

More to come later.