View Full Version : Items for sale coming soon...

Lord Barnabus
02-27-2009, 02:13 AM
I ran a haunt for ten years, and have sold most of my props and other equipment. I still have a few items left and will be listing them on E-Bay in the coming month. Most items are in excellent condition, and some items are new/never used. Items will be listed with unbeatable low starting prices. Shipping will be combined on multiple items. Larger items require freight charges.

Go to E-Bay in the coming weeks and do an advanced search on seller ID "react712safety". I will try to post an update once items are listed. I would say probably March 11th I will start listing.

Here is a list of some of the items which will be listed, if you are interested in prices or info, you can email me at rollingthunder@srt.com

Gravely the Butler lifesize
Animated witch, stirs cauldron, body/head/mouth moves, talks, cauldron lights up and smokes
(2) lifesize Mummy
various masks (most are new)
various hands (most are new)
Freeky Geeks animated Frankenstein figure, dances and sings Thriller
Haunted House Signs
Pirate Signs
Pneumatic push rod/ram 175psi (new)
Latex foam filled demon (new)
Latex foam filled Alien 34" tall (hard to find)
Sea Hag hanging prop
(2) Vampire hanging prop
Bad Seed Costume (includes mask, hand extensions, burlap shirt)
Mannequin female torso
(2) Man/Hands in stocks/stalks
Half Baked Torso
34" tall Butler (missing hands)
various tombstones
(4) 3-tier electric candelabra (new)
Creepy Photos
Ghosts, Witches and Warlocks Prop book
Monster Mash book
Bottle Props
Everlasting carveable pumpkins
Ed Head prop
Giant Furry Rats
various severed heads
HBO Crypt Keeper 3D wall prop
a few costumes
animated spider on lit-up web
(2) Animated Crawling Zombies (no remotes, we used as static props)
Chest Ripper Zombie (quit working, used as static prop)
And other stuff I can't think of at the moment.

Like I said, these items will be listed on E-Bay starting about March 11th. If you are interested before that you can email me at rollingthunder@srt.com