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03-04-2009, 10:24 PM
We will also have a non-free website up in about 2 weeks.

We will be buying the domain name for the next one, and will also be paying for hosting.

But heres the free one



add us to myspace too!


Front Yard Fright
03-04-2009, 11:22 PM
Pretty nice, although you pretty much copied and pasted my rules from my site! Not cool!
Other than that nice work.

Front Yard Fright
03-04-2009, 11:37 PM
You may also want to lose the images on your site that aren't yours. Could get in trouble for using them, considering I don't think you made them youself!
Don't copy people dude!

03-05-2009, 07:45 AM
Front Yard Fright,

Sorry about the rules, i just figured if i typed all of them myself, it would come out to be almost exactly the same thing...

and the banners i did make on my own, the images i didnt. i found images and edited them into banners. I could really get in trouble for doing something like that?

03-05-2009, 11:59 AM
Yep. You can get into trouble using someone else's artwork/design and just changing some things or adding text over it.
I was thinking to myself with your banners. That looks alot like the TCM movie house.
I know I've seen it before.


Front Yard Fright
03-05-2009, 12:16 PM
Yup! And I would appreciate it if you would REWORD your rules. I understand you have the same guidelines for you haunt, but come on. It took me all but an hour to get my rules figured out. Take the time and do the work yourself!

03-05-2009, 12:47 PM
I agree with FYFright!
When we came up with our rules and wrote them out we did reference other sites also *AFTER* we wrote what *WE* came up with first. We did this to make sure we didn't forget anything. Anything we had found we then reworded to fit *OUR* haunt.
That is half the fun of it! Make it your own...don't just steal from others.
Not only is it lazy and *STEALING* but it takes the fun, creative process out of it.


03-05-2009, 04:53 PM
Front Yard Fright,

I revised the rules, and added a few of my own.

Sorry about the inconvinience, i didnt mean for it...

I didnt know that haunts actually typed out there own rules, i thought they just copied them from other sights (i was wrong, LOL)

The Picture that says Sanitarium is "mine". I am going to have a paid for website by this time next week, as well as my own art work. Who did your artwork? im just asking because i need someone that can do it for me, but wont charge me $500 (im exaggerating a bit)


Thankyou for the reccomendations. I never really thought of it that way.

Anyways, let me know what you guys think of the "new" sight.

thankyou again

03-05-2009, 08:07 PM
$500 is not an exaggeration if you go with the right people.
check out Rogues Hollows, and brainstorm studios.

03-06-2009, 02:48 AM
I don't mean to pile on here but I hate to see unathorized use of images and the artwork that says Sanitarium that you claim is yours is in fact from a PC game from the 90s. You can see their Wikipedia page here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sanitarium_(videogame)

I've been a victim of stolen artwork before and It really sucks! Its very important that you pay for your artwork if your unable to create your own and not just take from others. Just because someone doesn't catch you doing it doesn't mean its acceptable. You leave yourself open for legal problems that can cost you greatly when you take others hard work and use it without permission.

Jolly Pumpkin
03-06-2009, 08:35 AM
The only times I think it's ok is when the image is from a Halloween or horror graphics website where the graphics are meant to be shared. But if you know for a fact that an image is copyrighted, then don't use it. It's that plain and simple. Email me at jollypumpkin@aol.com and I will give you some information on where you can get some really good deals on web design. I know some people who do great work for very reasonable prices.

03-06-2009, 09:00 AM
Rogues Hollow,
What i meant by saying it was "mine" was that upon finding it, there was no copyright on the picture, there was a few of them on a few different websites, i looked at all, none had copyrights.

Jolly Pumkin,
thanks, ill send you an email

The Doctor
03-06-2009, 11:28 AM
Because you find something on the web with out a copyright does not mean it does not have one. I do work for an IP (intellectual property) law firm and they have a crew of people who do nothing but search the web all day for infringements. If an artist does not aggressively protect his or her's copyright they can in fact lose it by letting it fall into common use. Original artwork is expensive because it is a craft that not everyone can do, it takes time and creative vision as well as talent.

The internet gives us a feeling of entitlement, because it is so anonymous and so easy to cut and paste what we want. I do find a double standard among different artists with the art person being ok with downloading songs or software but not images and vice versa the software developer ok with jacking a song or image but lord forbid someone pirate software. I am not trying to start a debate on the ethical or legal aspects of this debate, just bringing up something I see a lot in my line of work. The Graphics artist with the pirated copy of Adobe CS3 that is indignant at someone stealing his or anyone else's art, with his Ipod full of pirated music.

The point is if you are going to make a real go at this, for your legal benefit as well as the ethical reasons spend the money, time and effort to create original work or get permission from the copyright holder and get it in writing. Good luck and god speed.

Jolly Pumpkin
03-06-2009, 11:51 AM
The only times I think it's right to use another person's work is if it's from a Halloween graphics website where it's obvious that the graphics were created to be shared. But if it's a photo that someone's taken, graphics they created that they don't want others to use, then I think it's not ok to use their work. I think most people know when to not use another person's work. If it's flashing ghost gif image on a Halloween graphics website, then yes. If it's a horror movie logo, haunted house logo or photograph someone took then it's not. It's pretty obvious from most people what's ok and what's not. People just need to use common sense and if you're not sure email the person to see if it's ok to use that image. If it's not, then don't use it.

03-06-2009, 12:28 PM
Wow! Yes I agree with the Doctor. How could you think that because a piece of art doesn't have the same copyright info on it that the art on the wiki page had that it would be ok for you to just take it and call it yours. Its clear you have absolutely no understanding of how what your doing is infringement. It does not matter where you get it or if its cropped so the copyright info is removed. Its still wrong! Don't steal from others.