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damon carson
03-08-2009, 01:30 AM
There will be a Paranormal Ghost Hunters Tour Friday March 27th in the Famous Lemp Mansion. We will be conducting a tour for people on the Haunt World message boards and for people interested in the paranormal. There will be a get together in the Lemp Mansion bar at 930pm. Free appetizers will be served. A speaker on the paranormal will be present. And a history of the Lemp Mansion will be shown. We will be selling raffle tickets at a price of $10.00 a piece. Two lucky people will win the chance to help go on the investigation of one of the top 10 most haunted houses in America. There will be doorprizes. Free t-shirts, drinks, ect given away. More prizes and giveaways to be announced please check back to this thread. Anyone interested please respond on this thread or send me a pm. We will sell only 4 more chances to participate in the ghost hunt at a cost of $50.00 per person. So dont hesitate. Please join this once in a lifetime chance to tour a piece of American History. We hope to see everyone there for a ghostly

Jim Warfield
03-08-2009, 01:35 AM
Do you get to go to the basement? Tunnels? From what I was told those would be incredible places to see.
I spent two nights there, upstairs, of course, dammit!

damon carson
03-08-2009, 01:48 AM
Jim we are in the process of getting all arrangements in order. This is a spurr of the moment type post. All details will be told in the next coming days. A possible tour of the caverns is possible but at this point I cant promise that. I am trying my darndest to make that possible. Then far as participants it will definately increase if we are able to. The caverns are awesome! I have been in them more than once. Thanks for your post.

03-08-2009, 06:35 AM
Is your tour sold out? I see this as a conflect of interest and should be another thing that should not be listed till it is. I mean I have played by the rules now this would only be fair to the Columbia tour.

Nothing aginst you Damon I think its great that there is so many different things to offer haunters TO CHOOSE FROM. However I think the rules have been set and think they apply to all events we will see I guess. Maybe it just applies to me. Shane

*** Again this is not a so called Drama Intended Post its just a post intended to show me and others that there is only 1 set of rules and not 2. I will say it again I am 100% for the event the more the better it gives haunters a choice of what to do. I think its great and sounds fun.

03-08-2009, 07:40 AM
To answer your question Shane... NO our tour is not sold out. I cant speak for Necropolis , but I am one of those people that sees giving people options only makes things better for all.


In my opinion thats what makes us a better convention OPTIONS. We need to stop being greedy and let the guests coming to St.Louis make up there own mind of what they want to do by informing them of all the options.

This is a convention to buy thing and learn!!!! Not a place to make a buck off fellow haunters! This is my opinion like it or not its MINE.

If you have the time and want to see our haunts please join us for a fun time. We are not charging a fortune to come see our haunts.

We are happy the convention is in St. Louis and it gives haunters the oportunity to tour our haunts or do any thing else they want to. THE OPTIONS SHOULD BE AVAILABLE!

I know this is Larrys board and I will probably be getting a call from him but the options are for us!

The people that made this convention possible. Lets come to St.Louis have a great convention, dont worry about where it's going next year.(By the way, Transworld has reserved the convention center for 2010 if you didnt know)

Enjoy ourselves with the fellowship of other haunters and leave the crap on the playground.

Wow, I guess I woke up on the wrong side of the bed! LMAO

See you in St. Louis! If you come to the Columbia haunt tour GREAT I will see you there. If not... HAVE A GREAT CONVENTION AND IF YOU SEE A BIG GUY WITH A FEARFEST T-SHIRT AND BALL CAP ON STOP ME AND SAY HELLO!

Oh and buy the way www.columbiahaunttour.com for tickets to one option for Friday nite!

03-08-2009, 07:51 AM
Man it makes me feel so good and honored that you said and feel as I do. Thanks for that post I think you feel as we all do. Give them choices. I see you got my point. What if we went to McDonalds and they only offered a happy meal! Their concept would grow old and fail. Shane and its I encourage everyone to do as many of these events as they can! Shane this time!!

03-08-2009, 07:56 AM
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damon carson
03-08-2009, 12:42 PM
Greg thankyou for understanding. I didnt know I was even gonna be able to possibly even mention this on the H.W. message board. Or I would have told you about it the other night in the H.W. Chat room. Shane I got the okay from Larry to even mention this on here. And I even asked him his opinion if he thought this would be conflicting with anything going on that weekend and the Columbia tour the very same night. Like I said and he said not everyone will be going to the Columbia tour so this gives the people who decided not to go or just cant another option while in St. Louis. Greg and Bills almost sold out now anyway. Ive known Greg quite a while and we have co-sponsored each others haunts in the past and we have gone through each others haunt. Greg has always been cool and Im glad he feels the way he does about this. Also I hope Bill feels the same way. Our tour we would really like to keep on a smaller scale. We dont want hundreds of people if the ghost hunt remains just in the mansion. But if it turns out we can get access to the caverns it will be a different story. We will know more it the next few days. This is still in the beginning stages of putting together. This isnt like opening a haunted house like the Darkness and having to prepare and rebuild ect for months on end. Anyone with any questions please feel free to pm me or reply on this thread.

03-08-2009, 12:55 PM
Not picking on Dreamreapers but I want to make a point here... Dreamreapers would open up every single night of Transworld while in Chicago. That is a nightly option and a good one.

I considered doing the same thing and I could have opened every single night or held a second behind the scenes tour that night or even a behind the scenes tour on Friday then a show on Saturday.

Contrary to popular belief the behind the scenes tour would have sold more tickets had it been on Friday rather than Thursday...I'm not idiot I know marketing better than most and if my goal was to sell more tickets that is exactly what I would have done.

I put the behind the scenes tour on Thursday for ONE REASON... to help the vendors, to help the show. Some of you can say whatever you want but the Darkness is a famous haunt in this industry, and many people want to see it they want to walk around through the place with the lights on. Sooo... we had the behind the scenes tour on Thursday to make people come to the show before the show started.

I wanted people to come to the SHOW ITSELF and that is the only reason I put the tour on Thursday. If my first concern was selling tickets I would have done it on Friday.

Secondly, I was informed that many other people and groups wanted to plan functions for this show so I choose not anyone else NOT to open on Friday to give one of the main TWO days to other people and NOT interfere with their plans.

I was later blamed by IAHA of putting Gregg up to doing this tour on Friday, which is NOT the case at all. I had nothing to do with it and Gregg I'm sure can testify to that fact. There is really only two days Friday and Saturday when we know everyone is staying the night and we only took one of those days.

The whole point of opening the Darkness in the first place was to use the popularity of the attraction to draw in REAL buyers. Haunters want tours they want to see haunts, they want things to do, it won't be to the degree of Hauntcon or MHC but its something to go along with the buying and selling aspects.

My motivations was NEVER to make money, it was always to help the show and by not planning a Friday event we showed how we are willing to work with and promote other events.

We are promoting Colubmia Haunt Tour and have been from day one.

Now we hear a ghost tour at Lemp and maybe Kip will plan a ghost tour in Alton. I do think options are good and they will and hopefully attract even more people to come to our great show for our great industry.

I do not feel these events are intended with the sole purpose of sabatoge and I hope they all do well. But I do want people to understand our motivaton was never money or greed. The money taken in from this tour will only slightly offset the cost of doing it. In the end it will be worth it to everyone I assure you.

One other interesting note of interest... IAHA as an example wanted to hold their event on Saturday and asked me to change to Friday. I told them no but I also told them this... we are selling our tickets TIMED TICKETING so they can hold their event and tell their members to buy our tour early or late to plan around their event. I told them I didn't care if they held their event on Saturday, they should do whatever they wanted. On Saturday because of the timed ticket Damon could do this Ghost tour dinner plans on Saturday as well. People can still attend both events. No problem. If you want to come to our tour you just get the time spot that doesn't interfere with someones dinner plans, or whatever. This is one of the main reasons why I stated I was doing timed ticketing so people can make choices.

The Vegas tour with one big long line kinda kept you there for a long time some maybe with other plans. I didn't want to do that. I hope this works out better.


03-08-2009, 02:41 PM
What is important is that all haunt owners will come together and have a many different things to do while in town. Larry

Haunts of Richmond
03-08-2009, 09:40 PM
Wish we could do the Columbia haunts and this! Ah, well.

damon carson
03-08-2009, 10:05 PM
Richmond if you cant make our ghost hunt for Friday night you might send kip a message to see if he is still having his tour in Alton. I havent heard anything on it for a while. That is if your schedule will allow. Thankyou for your interest.

03-09-2009, 06:34 AM
The Lemp mansion is also a Bed and Breakfast/Dinner theatre. If you cant make Damons tour maybe you could make it out to dinner there some night. They allow you to walk around the mansion and check it out for yourself. Just a thought. There is alot of history behind the Lemp. I suggest looking it up online to find out more on this families history. You might want to book a reservation for dinner or even stay the night. I have been in the caverns several times my self. It is a cool experience if they let you go down there. Does Paul Pointer still own the Lemp? What about the caverns, who owns them?