View Full Version : Props and stuff on EBay

Lord Barnabus
03-08-2009, 02:09 PM
I have started listing my props and stuff on E-Bay. Do an advanced search for user ID: react712safety

I am starting items out at the minimum I am willing to sell them for. There are new masks going for as little as $1. Shipping prices listed are approximate and may actually be less. I charge for the actual shipping cost, no money made off of the shipping. I will combine shipping on multiple items that can all fit in one box.

Here is a partial list of items that will be, or already are listed:
Macabre Witch, about 5 foot tall or more
Crawling Zombie (2)
Mummy (2), about 5 foot tall or more
Phenomenen Tube, great for a lab scene
Crackle Tube, great for a lab scene
Animated Witch, about 5 foot tall, moves, talks, lights up, stirs cauldron, cauldron lights up and smokes
Gravely the Butler
Animated Spider on lit web
Man in Stocks (2)
Flicker Chandelier
3-tier Candelabra (4)
Gothic Lantern (2)
Female Mannequin Torso
Everlasting Pumpkin (3)
Monster Mash Book
Ghosts Witches & Warlocks Book
Haunted House Sign (2)
Beware Sign
Crypt Keeper 3D Picture
Ed Head
Animated Frankenstein, good door prize giveaway
Vampire Bride Head (2)
Severed Heads
Giant Bat
Big Furry Rats
Chest Ripper Zombie
Small Butler, about 2 foot tall or more
Latex Demon
Latex Alien, hard to find
Latex Demon Skulls
Par-36 Pinspots
Strobes, various sizes
Photos, various
Sea Hag
Hanging Vampire (2)
Hanging Ghoul
Latex Pirate Skeleton
Pirate Signs
Pneumatic Push Ram/Rod
Masks, Gloves, Costumes
DJ Trussing, Lighting, Siren
Various other items

Non-Halloween related items:
Coke collectibles, Diecast collectibles, Autogaphed Celebrity Photos, Panasonic Toughbook, Guitars, Liquor Bottles/Decanters, Metal Lunchboxes, Thermoses, Lightbars for vehicles, EFX Pedals, Paintball Guns, and more.