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03-09-2009, 06:58 PM
Got back late last night from Vegas.

One word - disaster.

As I'm sure everyone has already heard the show was dead, and not in a good way. I'd say maybe half the size of last year, tons of empty booth space, and above all, No Buyers.

I've gone on record quite a few times that for me, any excuse to go to VEGAS is a good one, so off we went. Thank God I did ok at the tables because the show was a disaster. Oh yeah, and I did get an autographed photo from Wes Craven, no line to get that, bet he was wondering what was up right along with everyone else.

Here's my biggest complaint, and I know it's been mentioned already, but the Haunt Pavillion was a joke, one big very misleading joke. Vendors, if you had a table in here, I'd be doing damage control right now. They put you on the floorplan as if you're there, and when you get there nothing but a bunch of empty booths with tables some flyers and posters. I'm sure TW did this to make the show look like it wasn't going to change, but you know what, they used your reputations to do it. If it were me I'd be pissed! I heard several people talking about it. Whoever you wrote orders with there last year, that weren't haunters, and probably didin't know what was up, I'd be on the phone pronto.

I am surprised that none of the vendors that participated in this mentioned, and I mean POINT BLANK, that this was happening. Not just that you wouldn't be exhibiting in Vegas, but that you being listed in the Haunt Pavillion meant a table and some business cards. I may not have been paying attention if you did, but my impression is that you'd have some kind of representation there. I figured they probably gave you a good deal to do both shows.

My advice to Transworld and Rubies/Houston Show (like they care, but they're gonna get it anyway), it's time for the proverbial "come to Jesus" meeting, and get this thing straightened out, for the good of everyone. Two shows = no good, one show = good, not sure if this is a rocket science equation or not. Put the egos aside for the betterment of everyone's bottom line.

Transworld will be back in Rosemont next year, and I'm certain they'll try to bring the Haunt Show with it. "A return to the glory days" right? Should we do it? I'm going to defer judgement till after the St. Louis show, but if the St. Louis show is a success, I'm starting to feel a bit like the haunt industry should give all these guys a "friendly" hand gesture and move on.

Personally, I liked the combined shows, regardless of what everyone's opinions are, they're is plenty of cross over business, and as much as some people complained about it, the setup at Rosemont with the separated shows probably makes the most sense. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not at all a fan of going back to Rosemont, but that type of setup probably works best.

So...on to St. Louis, for our industry I hope it's a huge success, hopefully it may give us some options, and put us in control of what happens, bet they never saw that coming.

I will post pictures in this post, as soon as I can get them downloaded/uploaded, stay tuned, check back.


The entrance


Is it just me or do the aisles seem kinda wide, oh good, a place to sit, hmmmm, that's a first


Um, aren't there supposed to be booths here?


Oh good, more places to sit, and throw out your trash, prominently


03-09-2009, 07:18 PM
"I am surprised that none of the vendors that participated in this mentioned, and I mean POINT BLANK, that this was happening."

I said this before... WE HAD NO IDEA WHAT THEY WERE DOING!
I am totally blown away that they did this.

I was told that there would be ONE booth with literature and a small poster for every vendor going to St Louis in it.

I was led to believe that it was a way for people to know that we would be in St. Louis. I had no idea that they would put us in the directory and pretend we were at the show! What they did is so slimy and underhanded!


03-09-2009, 07:57 PM
Awesome, more places to sit, no one to talk to


Need a seat at lunch hour, no problem


Better hurry and get a seat at the fashion show, wait, nevermind 1/3 the size, and twice as many seats


Welcome to the haunt pavillion, your best source for haunted house...tables


03-09-2009, 08:00 PM
The bustling haunt pavillion, chock full of product...posters


Spookywoods FX booth, no slight at all to them, great costumes, this is just as a reference for what the tables looked like


Frightprops, Doug, here's your booth, once again Doug and Frightprops - great products, just for reference


Buyers!!!! get em while they're hot!


03-09-2009, 08:02 PM
More buyers! probably the most in one area


Back to Rosemont, in February, I guess we'll see. I love the "Rosemont (Chicago)" label, more accurately described as "Chicago Area by O'hare Airport but definitely not Chicago"


03-09-2009, 08:20 PM
Sorry Doug, I might have missed it, but your reaction is exactly what mine would be if I were in your shoes, it was slimy, it was underhanded...and they used your name to pull it off!

Like I said a lot of people were mad, and I just wanted you guys to know, I wasn't sure if any of you did.

Doug and Frightprops great people, and always breaks out some creepy weird costume for a costume party!

Doug, if you want me to take you're photo down, no problem, just put it up so you could see and others could see what the tables were like. Spookywoods, same thing, if you want it taken down, no problem.

Oh yeah, btw, does anyone want to send me the instructions on how to do the little thumbnail photos so I don't take up all this space! Sorry, one day I'll have this interweb thingy all figured out.


screamline studios
03-09-2009, 09:13 PM
Chris you are awsome!! This is what i was trying to tell eveyone for the last year or so..... To many shows= no show!!!! haha transworld kiss my ass and every other haunters ass HAHA "we tried to tell you" Now when st. louis kicks ass they may take a step back and realize what all us hauters mean...

Jason Blaszczak


03-09-2009, 10:49 PM

I'm laughing right now funny lines there...

Hey do I get a cookie or something for seeing this coming a MILE AWAY? Every single vendor asked me 'should i go what if people don't know about the switch...'. You could see this coming a mile away. With all that being said I reall do feel bad for Transworld and actually I feel WORSE for the retail industry that one big bully ruined it for everyone. Mabye Transworld should have lowered prices, given in to demands and worked with these people more. Who knows but its over... I think and I really hate to say this but Transworld should cancel plans for Rosemont next year and give it up and work on this Hauntshow instead.

If they turned their energy to this they could really grow this double the size of it and make a sizeable profit I think. They can use their retail connections to bring them to this show rather than the other way around.

Rubies made sure that NO HALLOWEEN RETAIL BUYER showed up and this is exactly what happened. It doesn't matter if they move the show back to Chicago it will still be dead or should I say dead of winter in Chicago.

I WILL NOT GO TO CHICAGO ... did not go to vegas and I will not go to Chicago either. For what to sit around in a dead convention center?

The retail vendors and buyers are gone gone forever after this... Houston will be the new show promoted by Rubies. Houston will correct their 2009 mistakes and come back bigger next year. Transworld I feel will eventually cancel the show before it even happens.

The haunt industry needs to stick together and bring those retail vendors to us rather than the other way around...

Can you imagine the response when those retailers show up in St. Louis and see wall to wall people more than they saw in Houston and Vegas combined? What will they think then?

I hope Transworld can rebound with other shows and see the light here and works on this show and none other.

Haunts baby Haunts!


03-09-2009, 11:59 PM
I have posted this before and i will post it again.
I was mislead by transworld with "GET NOTICED PROGRAM".
Send them a photo and some catalogs and they will put it out on a table...NOT PUT YOU IN FLOOR PLAN AS A VENDOR!!!!!
That is such BS.
If i was at the show as a buyer i would have been so pissed !!!!!

I still cant believe they did that. : (