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screamline studios
03-09-2009, 10:00 PM
With all the problems in the world did transworld over look the small cats that add up to ALOT!!!! I myself thought it should be left alone as one show!!!! hell move it to St.louis if you want too!!! I truly do not give a damn,But the big wigs at transworld thought they can shit golden bricks with alot of vendors and buyers attached!!!!! am i wrong maybe?? but us haunters have a voice and it a loud one.

Jason Blaszczak


03-09-2009, 10:34 PM
Here is the funny thing I'm hearing... both shows Houston and Transworld have been told by buyers and vendors the haunters bring energy to the show and they need to get them back. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

Years and years of hearing we don't need you then both of their shows fall flat on its face now they want us back (meaning retailers). LOL LOL

I told those guys from Rubies the haunters make Halloween not the other way around he shrugged that off.

I'm betting Transworld will ask us to come back to their retail show in Chicago... the answer is NO! There won't be a retail show in Chicago from everything I'm hearing.

Houston will be knocking on the door soon begging us to come to their show...the answer is NO! They are charging $2500.00 per booth and they don't and won't market to our buyers only those retailers.

They want our money but won't use it to market to our buyers, won't grow our industry, meet our education needs...answer is NO!

We must go alone and grow our own show be it in Indianapolis, St. Louis, Kansas City, or where ever and our show should be in March NOT February... not going to happen.

We can produce the show ourselves if we must but we do NOT want to re-locate with a retail show, pay the higher prices, just to be caught up in the middle of this drama.

Forget it...

Even if the Haunters came back to say Transworld in Chicago it won't help the show survive... we still won't place orders for costumes, feathers, wigs, or whatever ever, we'll make bodies, we'll fill some space but we still will not save the retail show.

We need our own show PERIOD! Wait a minute we have one, now we keep it no matter what anyone wants us to do or think.

Time to move on...let the retailers fight it out.


03-10-2009, 12:54 AM
Let's just say the best thing to come out of Vegas was lots of room to walk, take pictures and getting Wes Craven to talk to Rotting Flesh Radio and do a RFR ID for us.

That sums it up. Here I come St. Louis.

03-10-2009, 03:46 AM
Wes Craven!?!?!

Nice. I'm gonna have to hear that podcast!

03-10-2009, 05:12 AM
I agree. Say "NO" to both and lets keep it our own.


03-10-2009, 05:46 AM
I'm saying NO! -Tyler

03-10-2009, 05:53 AM
Whats wrong with TW charging the high price to the Halloween section heck maybe increase it a little. Then if anything maybe the Haunt Vendors can use this time to get the booth prices they want. They can charge the Haunt section a smaller price for the haunt vendors to save even more money ? I am supporting St. Louis dont get me wrong. But what bothers me is were screaming that now where now bigger, better, more important than Halloween now but the vendors still scream that booths are to high? Its like we say one thing but in reality its another its very confusing. If were more important and making more money and have now passed Halloween why dons is seem the vendors are still struggling with money? Shane and its I still would love to see both! Shane this time.

*** Let me say this in reading my own post honestly as far as vendors go and nothing aginst you Larry but Larry has been talking the most you may or may not be speaking for all vendors because honestly I have not seen Distortions. Unit70, Oak Island, Scarefactory actually hardly any vendors chime in here on this subject and I would love to hear from them. Again nothing aginst you Larry and I AM SUPPORTNG THE SHOW. But if were now the big boys when will we start acting it ya know and stop crying over a few hundred dollars. I WILL ADD THIS ONE MORE TIME I SUPPORT, I SUPPORT AND I SUPPORT ST. LOUIS.

03-10-2009, 07:21 AM
I hope a few people won't be a road block for what the majority of the rest of us want. Most want the two together, not seperated. Find a city with good rates, go to all the key Halloween vendors, underprice what Transworld would charge and set up a show that includes both Halloween and Haunt. The haunt industry is growing for sure, but Halloween has grown much more and we have been helped by Halloween's more favorable and warmer reception by the public.


03-10-2009, 08:48 AM
I don't have a ton of time to post here as I am getting ready to drive back to Cali from Las Vegas, but I would like to say a few things here...

I think that the Haunt industry needs to be careful not to adopt this idea that they are going to be the new 'lead dog'- there are NO guarantees; yes it would be great if the Haunt show got to be so successful (and this won't happen overnight) that the Halloween folks would say, "hey- can we come to your party?..."

We will know in a couple weeks what will happen in St. Louis, and perhaps many here will be singing the same tune. Maybe not though.

I will say this- I spoke to both Joe Thayler and Steve Stilson for about 45 minutes (Yes- they actually came to my booth to see what I had to say). And IMO- the news isn't very assuring.

Joe doesn't listen. Steve does, but Steve isn't the final decision maker, Joe is.

Joe is very set in his ways. He looks at numbers and trends. He doesn't seem to think too much about feedback from people who actually WORK in these industries.

TW is very good at the mechanics and operation of a tradeshow. They put on a good show- but they do not understand the dynamic relationships that make up this particular industry.

The so-called Haunt pavillion that everyone is upset about is a good example of TW's inability to 'get it'- They failed to see the repercussions of their actions in promoting the Haunt pavillion
in a very misleading way- it wasn't just vendors that were pissed, there wer plenty of buyers as well.

In short- I think this industry is still too small to warrant 2 or 3 separate shows. We need ONE show, but it doesn't look like that will happen anytime soon.

All for now.

Dental Distortions

Boo Crew Production
03-10-2009, 04:39 PM
Thank you thad well said.

IMO We have a show like everyone wants, it is called "The Midwest Haunters Convention". Reasonable rates all around, No dryage, and they can have plenty of room for everyone. Yes the one downfall is their current date, but with a little support from the larger vendors, unit 70, Scare Factory, Distortions and others. Barry could possiblly get dates moved for 2011 or 2012, because these places are booked years in advance.

Another thing MHC has going for it, the producers (Barry, Kathy, Neena, and Kelly) do listen and understand what we want, and what we need, as well as what the industry as a whole is all about.

My 2 cents!

Frighteners Entertainment
03-10-2009, 04:41 PM
Amen Ken!


03-10-2009, 05:02 PM
I am for it and what if we could get the retail side involved!!!!!! Shane and its that would be sweet man just sweet! Shane this time!

Boo Crew Production
03-10-2009, 05:54 PM
Well Shane,

You may just have something there.

The retail side could do there own show same location, But in there own section. The haunters can do their show, in a separate section.

The Greater Columbus Convention Center has 1.7 million Sq Ft that they boast. According to the Donald E Stephens website the Rosemont only has 840,000 Sq. Ft.

Average temps in March 29 to 59 degrees.
Average precip 3.10 inches or 1/10th of an inch or less a day.

For all this to happen there would need to be allot of cooperation between the retail and haunt show producers.

2 Great shows one location!

Killer Katie
03-10-2009, 08:19 PM
It seems to me that, like every huge business, the people who make the final decisions are not in touch with the customer base. They, as stated, don't "get it."

To be successful, they should at least have a staff consultant that could help them maximize the potential that the haunted part of transworld could generate. It's to their financial and reputational (is that a word? LOL) downfall that they aren't reaching that potential.

MHC caters to haunters, because they ARE haunters. Not fat cats in suits, sitting around a table with their evian and crullers. They are at a Denny's, in blood stained clothes, drinking coffee, discussing subjects that make the other people move to a different section.

No matter how big this industry gets, it still needs a hometown feel, and they are missing the boat.

As for Chicago, I love it, no matter the weather, but I'm from Ohio and used to it. How many people are scared away by that?

And that's all I have to say about tha-at.

03-10-2009, 09:09 PM
Why MHC over Hauntcon?

Killer Katie
03-10-2009, 09:21 PM
If you're question was to me....
I am just more familiar with MHC than hauntcon. I am not one to talk to something I don't have a lot of background knowledge on, it was just an example. :)

Boo Crew Production
03-11-2009, 05:00 AM

Why MHC over HC?

Well, I have seen MHC Grow by leaps and bounds over the last 4 years. It has a base location, much easier to plan and budget as far as a vendor, MHC also has more resonable booth rates. And personally (nothing against LP) it seems to have a much better atmophere.

03-11-2009, 05:40 AM
MHC is really well organized and the organizers actually listen to people. As a vendor at the show, it is great knowing that I can easily call or email Barry with any questions and he will quickly get me an answer.

MHC is affordable for vendors and the centralized location makes it easier to plan for, since you know it will be in Columbus every year.

03-11-2009, 06:26 AM
We can all come up with all kinds of projections and plans but what is a tradeshow for? To see the vendors!

I will go where the largest grouping of professional Haunted House Vendors go, hopefully early in the year. THEY will determine where I must go. If all of the vendors choose Hauntcon or MHC then so be it.


THEY will go where they think the BUYERS are and traditionally that has been Transworld. When you consider the fact that Transworld has spent hundreds of thousands of $$$ buying lists from related industries such as Pumpkin Patchs, Corn Mazes, and FECs this year to turn up new buyers for St. Louis, emotion aside, where should most of the vendors go?

As much as any of us like Barry and crew, or enjoy Leonards Haunt Tours, this VENDOR/BUYER prime focus has always been Transworld, and until that shifts, I don't think as an industry we can get folks to just pick up and move to another show.

Lets see how St. Louis is... I think it is going to be great!

That said I also tend to go to as many of the others shows as I can, I have attended EVERY Hauntcon and all but one MHC. I think they are great!

I always want to go to Hauntcon and MHC.
I want and need to go to Transworld.

What does the future hold? Who can say! But in a few weeks we are going to get a pretty good indicator!


03-11-2009, 09:53 AM
All very good points regarding TW and the other shows. Considering what TW is spending it is surprising they do not want to combine the shows in order to lower their overhead.

Raycliff Manor
03-12-2009, 07:34 PM
Katie said,

"MHC caters to haunters, because they ARE haunters. Not fat cats in suits, sitting around a table with their evian and crullers. They are at a Denny's, in blood stained clothes, drinking coffee, discussing subjects that make the other people move to a different section.

No matter how big this industry gets, it still needs a hometown feel"

Katie, you had me at "Denny's, in blood stained clothes"! Now that's a picture of comfort for me! LOL I am looking forward to meeting you in person Katie. :) I second the hometown feel too. I sure hope we find a "Crown Plaza" in St. Louis.


Killer Katie
03-12-2009, 09:45 PM
Can't wait to meet you too!
And I hope we find a "hang out!!!"

03-12-2009, 11:16 PM
Let me say this again... if you even dared make MHC the main show someone will need to invest $100,000.00 or more dollars into this show, they would need to advertise on a far and wide scale. This don't this anything close to this level now.

Secondly that would change dramtically the cost of the show, so I can't imagine the show would be free anymore, nor would it cost so little for booths it would double, triple or more. You hae to pay for that marketing somehow...

They would need to print show guides, and provide all the typical stuff a tradeshow provides...again more costs a lot of cost. They would need to hire full time sales staff...again more money.

They would have to eliminate many of their programs and curtain the horror haunt fan stuff, because that doesn't jive with a tradeshow. So again you would basically be changing this show from what it is now to something a lot different, much different, all together different.

Knowing Kelly one of the owners of the show I do not think this is what they want...they want this to be for everyone, anyone, actors and more, they want this to be fun, they want to let their hair down, and that is exactly why so many enjoy this show.

Transworld or a full blown TRADESHOW is NOT a CONVENTION!

Anyway doesn't matter...

I have some news for you...

People are saying that Transworld Vegas did less than 500 people total for a show that in the pas attracted over 8,000.

Well I am closing in on ONE THOUSAND tickets sold for Darkness tour... the darkness tour by itself has passed up Houston or Vegas by itself.

So how many people do you think will attend this show that don't even know about the Darkness tour? I would say at least 50%... I would say and we expect to sell 3 or 4 maybe 500 more Saturday tickets on Friday and Saturday afternoon at the show itself.

There will be 1500 to 2500 people attending this show.


So let the show playout and see what happens.

My only advice is this... Screamline Studios, Unit 70, Scareparts, and whomever else if you do not attend this show with a booth you are shooting yourself in the foot.

There will be no doubt up to 2,500 buyers at this show, you will NOT see this many buyers in once place ever again this year!

You can take that to the bank!



03-13-2009, 10:28 AM
It would be a shame not to have every vendor represented at this years show no matter how large or small a booth they choose.

03-13-2009, 11:19 AM
This show was created in part to help companies like Screamline to get lower booth costs to a show that spends a lot of money on marketing.

Transworld is doing all vendors a favor with these booth costs and its a shame that some are still not happy with the price. I know for some its not the cost, its the fact that they can't afford it right now and I get that.

But in this world it takes money to make money and you have to be prepared to spend it to make it.

Its how it works.

I hope that some of these companies get a booth because this is their chance to put themselves in front of the largest crowd of the year!!!!!!