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03-21-2009, 07:13 AM
I am opening a haunt this year which will be on 2 acres. I will have a 3800sq ft maze and a 5700sq ft haunted house. There will also be a large walkthrough cemetary. I was thinking ticket price around $12 - $15 to gain entry. Then you would be allowed to go through each attraction as many times as you like. Just a one time entry fee and then you can wonder around as long as you like. I understand there could be problems with this. Has anyone done anything like this other than Six Flags or Disneyland?

damon carson
03-21-2009, 07:35 AM
Weve done it and its great for the people really big into Halloween ect. But when people drop there kids off and leave them for hours it turns into a day care. One way ive seen it done in a similair way was punch tickets. You get so many punches for attractions. And then if you want more you pay for more punch tickets to go through multiple times. Its a way of enjoying the haunts more than once without everyone just hanging out there till you close. Plus you make more money.

Greg Chrise
03-21-2009, 12:19 PM
Unless there is a 10 foot fence and a sentry at ever gate, you can not control people coming into the area or leaving at will in any direction.

People will perhaps buy something on the midway and want to take it to their car rather than carry it through a haunt. You end up with people figuring out quite easily how to get into the property and just hang out with out paying anything.

So rather than this being some kind of quarantine situation and if you haven't paid you are out, the actual paying qualification is at the door of each haunt. One proper hand stamp or braclet and you get to go through as many times as you would like.

With mulitple haunts, and things to do in between there might not be enough time or energy for people to redo a haunt or if you have lines they may fore go a revisit because of a line.

You develop a culture that it is indeed wonderful to come in and look aound, get a drink, bring the teenagers and watch the fun from the bench with out it costing. This way they are more likely to return every year instead of no money? Sit in the car grandma. Hope she has on some new depends cause unless she pays $12 to $15 she isn't getting near the bathrooms.

Then you have diapers to clean up in the parking lot because grandma did a drive by trashing. All as opposed to thank you for coming and bringing everyone, are you having a good time, do you need anything?

03-21-2009, 12:58 PM
Thanks guys. I really appreciate the info. Great information!

Greg Chrise
03-22-2009, 09:52 AM
I have seen the bad side of keeping a number of people fenced in with a motorcycle gathering. It was $10 to ride into and stand around in the yard. The the sounds of a car accident. Then hundreds of bikers think they are EMTS and are on their way to render assistance thinking there is a motorcycle involved (which there isn't) It is a minor fender bender with no one injured but the hundred or so people pushed down the chain link fended and gates like wild monkeys.

Of course they hurt each other flopping this thing around and trampling on each other. Obviously this was a great event that had it's last year for this and many other reasons.

With the open border policy, if something really bad happens, people can also flee or leave the area in a calm manner and haven't been trapped to some fate by promoters just making sure they got $10 a head.

As a follow up, only a small percentage of people wil be arriving and wanting to be on the side lines. For the most part people have been trained by Dairy Queen that you pay first and get your treat after you go into the sit down area as a guest. Some will indeed need to walk in and check out what the buffet looks like and whether it looks okay for their family to enter. This should be no problem to acommodate these concerns. Sure, look around then come back and buy 5 tickets to everything.

In fact you may have parents and grand parents of actors hanging out all night watching. In reality they bought the gas and added wear to get your actors there and should be given water or share the food just like an emlployee. The more people hanging out and actually standing in lines gives the over all look of this is the place to be. In comparison no cars in the parking lot and no one there means you must be closed or everything sucks so bad no one wants to come. So why would anyone else want to give up the money for tickets?