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03-31-2009, 10:00 AM
Wow where do I start. Let me warn you this may be long, it may offend some, it could be a can or worms that I may be opening. This is about my over view and my opinions as things went from my perspective. So here goes!|

Day 1.... We start the day off at 6:00am in the morning making the drive to St.louis the drive was nice. We arrived at the hotel at 2:00pm we made 2 stops on the way and took our time so we made good time. We checked into the hotel and the staff was very nice and accomidating I strongly recommend this hotel for the future nice rooms and confey beds! We go out and decide to walk around town for a bit. I can say I have never seen so many beautiful buildings only to have a sign that says 'lofts for rent" its like the downtown area is on life support and they are just draging out its death.

Now on to 8:00 pm. We head over to Jakes for my dinner it was about 7:30 and Tim Turner was in there waiting on everyone. He give me 4 awsome large photos to give away. It was going on 8:00pm and I had to say I started to think shit no one is gonna show! Then the bottom falls out people start pouring in. Kevin and the Gore Galore bunch came in, then my best buds the Atrox guys, then another vendor Fright Theatre, and then more and more the room was nice and full! Then they had to seat some in the front because the room was full. Next year a bigger room I promise!!!!!

Leaonad Pickle comes in and announces to my guys that hes putting Graystone Manor in Haunted Attractions Magazine this year which is a real honor no matter what magazine your in. At the end of the dinner we gave a total of 16 door prizes ranging in value from $50.00 to $400.00 and a money pot that was over $100.00 just for the fun of it! We end our dinner and all migrate over to the Ren Bar!

We arrive back at the hotel and man I was so honored people kept coming up and introducing themselves to me and offering my drinks on top of drinks! I don't drink but my Doctor was more than glad to sit in for me for free drinks. Around midnight I head up for a good nights sleep! Shane and its continued on next page. Shane this time!

03-31-2009, 10:39 AM
I walk into the Show at around 10:30am. There was so much to see I really did not know where to start. One of the first booth I passed was Fright Theatre and he tells me how he enjoyed the dinner at Jakes and told me I helped him save a lot on his hotel room and for me to pick out any prop he had there and it was mine free of charge!!!! WOW talk about Trick Or Treating High Style! This also happened with seveal vendos who gave me a nice gift or a awsome discount! Thanks Guys Now My Head Is Even Bigger LOL! Really THANKS it was a real honor.

Well I am now about an hour into the show and have already been stoped many times and people introducing themselves. Had one guy ask for my autograph on his HauntWorld Magazine which I fell out and ask him if he was serious? He was and I signed it! I got a gut feeling that Larry signed the same magazine I did. LMAO oh well its all in fun!

Well moving on up the floor and I see this drop dead georgeous. lovely lady that I already knew it was Patti form HauntWorld. ( Larry I really do hate you!) Had a great hug from her and we chatted. She did try her best to get Larry over but I did not have my pepper spray and if I did I would be afraid it would get some on her!

I kept scanning the show floor through out the day. I left a little before 5 to get ready for the Coulmbia tour. I missed the HHA meeting as I totally forgot about it!
Well we leave the hotel to head out to the Columbia tour. I was so pissed damn GPS kept sending us on streets that were closed! If I hear turn right and make a Uturn once more that SOB is heading out with the trash. It took an hour to get back on track! Paul and the Atrox guys was with us and it was a blast my ribs are still hurting from all the laughing! Poor Kenny at the gas station ( you just have to be there to understand).

We get to Necropolis Haunt first. We stand out in the cold to the point I was about to go back to the Van and say screw it! There was a boy that kept telling everyone in line that there was a film crew inside filming and he was holding up everything. Here is some suggestions to Necropolis let the F***ers film on a day when people that paid is not standing out in the cold freezing their ass off! Oh I forgot you already had our money! It was clear that getting footage of their haunt was more important to the ones that paid to go to the haunt! Hell I guess we actually paid for the crew now that I think about it! Bottom line treat haunters as you would treat your guest! If you do treat your guest that way its clear your days are numbered! Once we got into the haunt it was a good haunt good with old school!

Now we leave and go to Fearfest! We get there and was greeted with a Warm Welcome we forgot about the cold because of they way we were treated! ( Necropolis call them they will give you some pointers). We go through the haunt again a mix of old and new school and WE LOVED IT!! IT WAS A BLAST! JUST A PLAIN GREAT HAUNT AND WHAT A FUN HAUNT SHOULD BE!!!! Greg 5 stars buddy it was a blast for us all! We leave and return to the hotel around 3:00am needless to say I hit the sack! Shane and its Good Night more to come! Shane this time!

03-31-2009, 11:15 AM
Well its a later start for me I arrive on the show floor around 11:00am remember I was out till 3:00am Saturday morning. Day 3 is more of the same walking talking and looking I look and do all my buying the last day. This way I can watch and see what is broke and how many times its been down! I will never buy at first look! Trust me follow this method and it will save you a lot of money and headach.

I spend a little time in the Dark Zone it seems smaller than in years past. David again had some good looking products but I noticed more than once he seemed to be having several issues with his products! Hes got great sculpters but hes lacking MAJOR ON THE MECHANICS! I also noticed the prices were high for the issues they were having. Now back out on the main show floor still meeting tons of people. I leave around 4:30pm. We hard over to Hooters to eat. The waitress was very, very nice she did not have the best knockers out there but they look warm and inviting! I think at one time one of them winked at me.

Well now we arrive at the Darkness the line stretched all the way to Kansas city. I seen several homeless people peeking through the tin under the overpass by the Darkness and seen a few hookers they were running a Darkness special. They made good because they were the only way to get entertainment, get warm and out of the rain! I have noticed some red spots down there I am just hoping its a rash and not some STD!

Ok I have been standing out in the cold and rain for well over an hour. One thing that really bothered me was my personal Idol Phillip Morris was standing at the front of the line he seemed cold and wet. I do think Phillip should have been shown more respect because of his iconic value in this industry and his age!

Well finally after what seemed like 10 hours we get in. I did enjoy the holding room with all its decore. I made it up to the door and had a few words with Larry on a professional manner. We go through the haunt lots of decore and I do mean lots if I did not know better I would have swore I was at the Scarefactory showroom. When I go through I did notice lots of actors who did not know what to do or was too busy with their text sex they were having. I will give Larry this its a truly amazing haunt with all the decore and static props. But for some reason I wanted to pull out my putter and play putt putt golf! I did get a couple of scares I admit the lil black guy being one! I did get a laugh that made me fall out when a chick held the curtin closed and told us to hold up that she was gonna scare us! LMAO thanks for the warning!!!! Well I make it through the haunt and into the Terror Visions. I was told by several that was their favorite I liked the haunt but i did not care for the Terror Visions part myself at all.

Well now I am out and want to do some bidding on the auction. The auction got a head of itself and there was nothing left to bid on. On well back to the hotel. Meeting more people and just hanging out chilling out! I talked to so many people I am horse and have a sore throat today! Its now 1:30am and I am heading to my room to dry off and get some sleep! Shane and its the conclusion is coming up next! Shane this time!

03-31-2009, 11:30 AM
Well I arrive at the show at 10:00am. I have looked, watched, and listined for the past few days. I end up buying from the following...

CFX.. bought several mask
Ghost Ride
Gore Galore
Fright Theatre
Morris Costumes
Haunted Enterprises ( coffin ride)
NightScream Productions ( I know what the rumor was and they assured me that was not true. If it is well lets just say the Shane Train will crash that party but at this point I will say I believe them)
I also bought several small ticket items lots of mask, makeup some costumes. I also intend to do business with..
PaleMoon or Palelight Keps Company
Ken at Senister Scents
Poison Props
Edge Design
and a few others.

Jam Bam managed to sneek a picture in with me and Larry and everyone was good sports about that. Sunday night was quiet looks like everyone went home and no one was in the lobby. Ben and Billy came up to my room and me and Ben talked till after 1:00am then I hit the sack!!! Shane and its about to head home! Shane this time

03-31-2009, 11:32 AM
I was still there Sunday night.

03-31-2009, 11:47 AM
Yeah, the auction was on a roll and we lost track of time for a few minutes towards the end, then stopped to catch up and got back on schedule! When you were there Shane there was a huge crowd as it was around 9pm or so I guess, but there were many bidders there then. When we paused for a while between 10:30 and 11pm it seemed most people were through the Darkness already as the last few auctions were not as well attended as the first couple of hours. But, the best deals were to be had the last hour with the smaller groups there!!


03-31-2009, 11:51 AM
Its Monday morning. I am riding home thinking about the show. All in all it was a good show. I talked to many vendors who said it was everything from great, to slow, to down right sucked. I think the smaller ticket guys knocked it out of the ball mark! As far as the big ticket guys the quality needs to match the price some did it others well lets just say did not do it! Well for me anyway some did and some did not.

For me to sit here and list all the people I meet all I can say is its no way I could list or ever remember them all. Guys I have a hard time remembering what I did last night much less trying to remember everyone. If you did come up feel free to remind me here so I can keep a list for future reference! To all the haunts you guys need a good rest and a pat on the back. All in all they were good but I suppose like everyone else there is parts that needs work! Vendors same goes for you give yourself all a pat on the back and a good rest! Well I am tired and half way sick this morning damn germ infested people!!!!! I hope you will continue to read and follow my rants, raves and in some cases out right attacks. Its who I am and I call them as I see them. Again at the end of the day were all a big family with their ups and downs! Shane and its Now You Know The Rest Of The Story! Shane this time!!


Ken Spriggs
03-31-2009, 12:04 PM
Shane.....you look nothing like what I thought you would!!!!!!

Weather? Come on....that was better than Chicago??????

I have no issue with people bringing their crews to shows......We had 15 or us there. BUT it does seem a little crazy that TW is saying they had over 4000 qualified people in attendance.

HMMMMMM if we all brought 15 people that would be 266 qualified buyers at the show this weekend. WOW.....see the difference from a vendors side of things?

I can't complain....we were busy the entire weekend.

I can complain about 1 thing though.....
I am really tired of people who just don't understand business.
We (vendors) spend a bunch of money doing these shows and creating new products.....ours were costumes this year. I thought we were safe from the usual....WE CAN MAKE THIS OURSELVES....but i was wrong.

I didn't see their name tags so I can't call them out here......BUT.
Saturday afternoon.....a few people came to the booth to check out the costumes...cool no problem. Well these guys stepped up and basically took pictures of every section of distressing on our corpse costume. I stepped back and just watched. If the mannequin was a human....they would have been arrested for stripping the poor guy in public while they tried to see how I made the thing. I am ok with that....until they take even more pics of how it was assembled and the tags in the costume to see where I get the body suits from.

Well me in my oh so happy tone simply said.......Come on...just pay me the $125 for a plain suit.......and you can rip it apart and make all you want.....at least pay me for what I have tought you though.....

The answer I got....should not be a suprise to anyone....

Welcome to the haunt industry!!!!!!

03-31-2009, 12:13 PM
We are going to purchase one for sure. We or should I say I could not decied on which one. So now I have to meet with the boys and say which will work where! I thought as far as costumes your's blew them out of the water!!!!! No one came close this year on the theam and looks!!! Your was much the hit that the guys from Spookywoods was last year ( I might add another good company and products) Ken LMAO did you have me pictured as Pamala Anderson LMAO. Actually no one I meet was how I had them pictured this year as well. Shane and its makup! Please Shane this time!

03-31-2009, 12:33 PM

The TW dinner I missed but won't next year. Saw the Darkness on Thursday and shared the Sat ticket with my crew. Darkness sets were great, popular, and the crowd; its control and snafus were left to desire. Larry opened for the industry, peers, and $$. We all would given the chance.

That said, I will help you with next year's "Shane's Gathering", just let me know.

Ken, Your costumes were awesome. They are in my distant future. My artist is awesome and does create some of his own for us, though he doesn't rip off like those you described. Kevin told me at the show he had some just like that on his awesome stuff. We do buy your awesome sinister scents to add realism to our event. Still remember the actor telling me of a customer that was approaching the clown set and stopped, said "cotton candy, oh no, CLOWNS!!" and knew it was inevitable. Many do smell and connect, others don't.

Our order is coming later.

As for our crew, we had ten scheduled for St Louis and ended up with seven. I am the buyer, so your figures are probably right on for buyer numbers.

Until TW left Chicago, we would drive 15-18 of our crew to TW, but we would have a show meeting before hand and discuss etiquette on taking printed flyers/catalogs and behavior. Vegas: I took one helper. Midwest Haunters is now our crew destination. Last month 30 had said they were interested in going, though I think that will shrink to 20.

Hope to see you all at the MWH. 2009 will be good!

03-31-2009, 12:50 PM
Ken, It was great seeing you and I am planning on ordering some scents at MHC. regarding your costumes, FRAKING amazing! I would love to order 1-2, especially a crushhorn, but I am the only one of my crew that I would trust with a $3000 costume. Unfortunately I spend too much time dealing with issues when we open. It is getting better, so hopefully someday I will get a longer chance to play when we are open...

03-31-2009, 01:57 PM
Next years Insane Shane dinner will be over the top now what I see there is the interest and the support there for it! I am going to need help and alot of it! TransWorld is going to take a part into it as well. I really hope Larry see's it as a good thing for us all to get together for food, fun and fellowship! Also I have already had tons of Vendors say they did not know or they would have donated! Next year I am going to have 50 door prizes you just watch!!! Shane and its Larry your invited too! Shane this time!

03-31-2009, 03:23 PM
Transworld follow up.
It was so great to put a face with a name with so many people. And Sally and myself could have talked to Shane all night. What a Genuine, great, funny, person. And Shawn from your crew was great to talk to as well. I can see why you love your crew so much!

The amount of people that were packed in the trade show was astounding. It was busy from 9:30-5:00 everyday except Sunday. I would call the show a BIG success. I know some VENDORS did better then others but thats business i guess. Trying NEW products and ideas is a risk we all take. Some things sell, others dont.
ANYWAY.... Just wanted to thank everyone for coming by and introducing them self to me through out the show.
Lots of laughs through out the week. The Hotel Renaissance across the street from the convention was a great set up too. And again THANK YOU SHANE FOR THE PRICELINE INFO on the HOTEL!!!! I still owe you at least a few beers!
And if you have any questions or need anything, give me a call or email.

03-31-2009, 03:55 PM
Shane you looked pretty close to what I envisioned. I was surprised that you seemed quiet though. Unless you just didn't feel like talking.

03-31-2009, 04:08 PM
Wow you got some big arms bet ya could beat someone down LOL! Trust me someone else said that I seemed quiet. I may have seemed a little quiter at the Bar as I am out of my element there. I always feel out of place in a Bar as I am not a drinker! BUt trust me if you seen me on the show floor you would see that I talked so much I have no voice today. There was a rumor going round and everyone came to the mouth to the south to go and check it out!!!!!!!!! LMAO I did and many know what it is because they came up to me. So my friend trust me. Next year Good Lord will I hope you can attend the dinner! Shane and its I look forward to some one on one chat with you Jared next time! Shane this time!

03-31-2009, 04:25 PM
I was looking forward to meeting you and was going to talk to you a couple of times at the bar but never got much of a chance. I believe Kori(Bills fiance) hung out with a couple of the graystone guys. Next year I will have to make time to have a conversation with you.

The Doctor
03-31-2009, 07:15 PM
On bringing the crew, I know there are a lot of vendors that get upset that there are so many (non) buyers at the show. But I would say while the final decision is always up to the money guy that many times it is the enthusiasm and excitement for a certain prop, costume or mask that may push a buying decision. For most of the guys with the Gold they bring their crews to reward them as well as many of them have talents and skills that are necessary to the success of the haunt, so while they may not make the purchase and sign the checks, I know for Graystone Manor there were more than one meeting and discussion on purchases and needs to take us to the next level. It's about respect I only went to the booths and took brochures and catalogs for things I put input on, masks, makeup, lighting, prop controllers and air brush guns. I tried to respect the time and money that a catalog costs for the vendors but enjoyed seeing everything.

Oh and I had a blast meeting everyone I did, and the Thursday night flamingo crew was a blast, Me and Vinny from Graystone, Kori, Chris, Sarah, Guy with pink hair (sorry bro was real drunk by then but enjoyed having you at our table, oh Mr. Camera I don't think I ever saw you with out the camera lol. Take care look forward to next year.

03-31-2009, 08:16 PM
Guys there is no way in this world I could remember everyone for the life of me. I will say Brett, Adam, Tyler, Dollface, Chris, Jared, Bill, Sarah, Katherin, Lord guys help me out there who all did I meet? I know it was well over 100! I will tell you this I have meet many people through my other companies but NEVER HAVE I MEET A GROUP OF PEOPLE WHO I FEEL AS THOUGH I HAVE KNOW FOR YEARS! To me it felt like a family reunion!

It was very very special for me this year I came out instead of keeping to myself and coming back here and talking about it. Words cannot express how it felt to meet all of you wonderful people! I really hope that we all will keep in touch and you all check back on my rants and raves thats made me so noticeable here! Shane and its been an Honor! Shane this time!

03-31-2009, 08:26 PM

It was great to finally sit down and chat about, well, everything! Ed wished we had gotten to talk longer, but we'll have to make sure to do it again next year! -Tyler

03-31-2009, 08:29 PM
Shane, you work with a bunch of great guys and having the Atrox guys as your friends couldnt get any better. They are awsome to. We enjoyed all of you guys company and had a great time meeting you all. Thanks for the kind words about Fearfest and you can count on us coming down there this summer to visit. Thanks again Shane for the hotel discount, for great conversations with you and your crew and for keeping larry on his toes with your threads. Those threads keep us coming back nite after nite to see whats next on the and its _____ Shane this time Shane! Again, it was a pleasure meeting you and your crew and I hope to see you guys soon.
Greg and Christina

03-31-2009, 08:31 PM
Oh one last thing, count us in on the Dinner next year. I WILL NOT MISS IT AGAIN!

03-31-2009, 08:35 PM
Guys there is no way in this world I could remember everyone for the life of me. I will say Brett, Adam, Tyler, Dollface, Chris, Jared, Bill, Sarah, Katherin, Lord guys help me out there who all did I meet? I know it was well over 100! I will tell you this I have meet many people through my other companies but NEVER HAVE I MEET A GROUP OF PEOPLE WHO I FEEL AS THOUGH I HAVE KNOW FOR YEARS! To me it felt like a family reunion!

It was very very special for me this year I came out instead of keeping to myself and coming back here and talking about it. Words cannot express how it felt to meet all of you wonderful people! I really hope that we all will keep in touch and you all check back on my rants and raves thats made me so noticeable here! Shane and its been an Honor! Shane this time!

Yeah it was a pleasure meeting you and the crew you guys are very easy to talk to and I had a lot of fun on thursday with the doc and gang at flamingos. Now everytime I read something you post that accent of yours sticks in the back of my mind lol! Next year I'll be at your dinner :)
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03-31-2009, 08:36 PM
Oh one last thing, count us in on the Dinner next year. I WILL NOT MISS IT AGAIN!

Greg I didnt get a chance to meet you .. Hopefully next year!
Harley-Davidson FLSTCI (http://www.cyclechaos.com/wiki/Harley-Davidson_FLSTCI)

04-01-2009, 07:45 AM
I really hope that we all can work together on the dinner, your tour, and Larrys tour if we ALL work together and support each other it will be great.. I know TransWorld has already talked to me about it. I have made mention to Larry on a few different post about us all working with each other or at least with me at the dinner but no answer. There may come a point where I pick up the phone and say are you in or out LOL! Again I CANT THANK EVERYONE ENOUGH! I AM AS MUCH PLEASED AT MY TURN OUT AS LARRY AND YOU WAS ON YOURS I AM SURE! Lets all back each other for 2010 its going to be a challenge! Shane and its 2010 here we go again! Shane this time!

04-01-2009, 08:24 AM
If that's the case, and all of yall work together on this, then that means I get to enjoy all 3 events.

And I dont wanna miss any of them, so please work together!

Im sure there's many of us on this board that would like to do all 3 events.

04-01-2009, 08:57 AM
Thanks for the support. This year my first dinner we gave away $1500.00 in door prizes not to mention the cash pot! I promise this year we will give away no less than $5000.00 in cash and door prizes!!!!! I got the support of the vendors and I see I have the support of the attendees! Shane and its getting a bigger and better dinner together! Shane this time!

Ken Spriggs
04-01-2009, 09:05 AM

I don't think it is an issue with bringing the crews as much as TW inflating the # of actual buyers.

MHC is open to everyone.....and I mean everyone!!!
We have a great time....don't sell as much as at TW
But we have a great time

One thing I wish TW would have kept is a party on Saturday night.
MHC and Hauntcon both do a costume party......seems that everyone really enjoys those
Why didn't we have one at tw?
Oh wait I know.....nevermind

Bill Schnell
04-01-2009, 09:51 AM

First of all, let me say that I am sorry if you had to wait in the cold to get into our haunt. However, let me clarify a few things. First, you are doing a haunt tour in March, in Missouri. The weather could be anything (including cold and windy as it turned out to be). I would think that everyone coming would have prepared for that possibility. We have never had any kind of covered or inside line space before, but we made the effort and expense to add the semi trailer just for this tour so there would be some covered line space out of the wind. Secondly, the film crew had very little to do with your wait. Also, he was a guest of the convention just as you were and he bought a ticket just as you did. More importantly, he only asked for a little space between he and the next group because he was using a light and didn't want to ruin the attraction for others. We only waited about 4 or 5 minutes after he entered to start the groups again. The rest of your wait was just normal waiting to get in. We made the decision to not push groups through as that would reduce the overall experience. Again, I am sorry that you had to wait in the cold, but to me, that is the price of doing a haunt tour in March. I do appreciate any criticism that you or any others may have as the main reason we did this tour was to get feedback and to get better.

04-01-2009, 10:43 AM
IDK, I am from Wisconsin. I was ready to go skinny dipping! LOL, actually, yeah it was cold, but we survived. The next night at the Darkness I wore my leather Jacket. I was AMAZED at the number of people I saw wearing just tee shirts. Damn!!

I guess next time you all are going to go to a haunt tour, contact ahead of time and ask if they have indoor waiting and dress that way. Or ask the guy shooting off the fire thing at FEARFEST to put that baby closer to the line! LOL

04-01-2009, 11:38 AM

Im going to call ya soon and chat. Probley not tonight (Wednesday) I got plans, but probley tomorrow. Talk to ya then!

04-01-2009, 12:23 PM

Did I miss something... where is the report on your dinner? How many people showed up what happened. I didnt hear anyone talk about it once at the show so I'd like to know how that turned out.


04-01-2009, 12:37 PM
If you read my entire post it was in the first part of it. We had around 200 give a few or take a few. The room I had reserved would hold 145 and that filled up so alot of people had to sit at the front. We managed to get them in the back for the giveaways.

I was saying if I got 50 or 75 I would be happy so you can see I was more than happy. Leonard and his wife attended and announced that Graystone Manor was going to be in this years Haunted Attraction with a front cover and a whole story which as you well know is always an honor to be featured by your peers. I hope next year you and your bunch will attend I am giving you the first invitation first! Shane and its Larry will you attend and show your support as I did your tour? Shane this time.

P.S. This is a personal true heart felt invite to you! Let me make that clear!

04-01-2009, 05:54 PM
Shane,Larry and all, we were contacted by Jenn from Transworld and asked if we would do our Columbia haunt Tour again in 2010.
She said she wants to get going on it early so everything is promoted properly.

I cant speak for Necropolis but Fearfest will be more than happy to accomidate the haunting community.

We had a great time chatting and answering questions about our haunt. The haunters seemed to really enjoy our haunt and had many questions about how we did things and how we run our crew.

#1 Question..... How do you get the staircase to lift up so we could walk under it like that. LOL

If you still have questions about anything you saw at Fearfest just PM me and I will try to answer you as best I can.
Thanks again,

04-01-2009, 06:50 PM
Is there any way of laeving the center at 5 or 5:30? That getting back at 3AM was rough......

The Doctor
04-01-2009, 07:34 PM
I agree the 3 am thing was rough the bars were closed...

04-01-2009, 07:49 PM
I agree the busses need to leave MUCH sooner next time. We held off so you all could attend the HHA meeting. hopefully we can all get our schedules set up better so we can get you back at an earlier time.

Larry, what nite are you planning on having your tour and is it one nite or two?

Shane, you going back to Jakes steaks? your gonna need a bigger room this time! lol
I'm already gettin excited about next year!

04-01-2009, 07:57 PM
Everyone loved the food at Jakes I am going to contact them and see just how many they can hold. I think this year I will try and pre sell food with the option of one or two plates that way everyone is eating at the same time. I am open to suggestions from any of you local boys! Shane and its I am open for suggestions! Shane this time!

Killer Katie
04-01-2009, 08:44 PM
Shane - I agree with the other post, your didn't look anything like I'd pictured! And, like Dollface, I hear your accent with everypost! LOL
I, too, will NOT miss the dinner!!!
Suggestion, what about having Jake's Steaks cater soemwhere close that will fit everybody? Not sure if it's possible to do the food court at the convention, or if there is any place. I have a feeling you'll have a huge crowd next year!

04-01-2009, 08:49 PM
LOL Thanks I hope you all like my accent! I am told a have a very distinct southern accent! You may be on to something there Katie I would be open to that I think thats a great idea! Shane and its I am all for it! Shane this time!

04-02-2009, 07:13 PM
Any word on some pics bro? Shane and its lets have them Shane this time!

04-02-2009, 08:24 PM
Yea Adam WE would Love to see what you shot at the show???
you carried that thing around everytime i saw you. What did ya get?

Haunted Illinois
04-03-2009, 02:03 PM
Any word on some pics bro? Shane and its lets have them Shane this time!

Yea Adam WE would Love to see what you shot at the show???
you carried that thing around everytime i saw you. What did ya get?

Yes, I'm going through the pictures right now, putting together my Transworld online overview. Included will be pictures of the TW welcome reception, Shane's dinner, Columbia Haunt Tour, props on the show floor and more! I'll also have a write-up of the Darkness tour, but no picts (respecting Larry's request), since I attended on Saturday night.

I hope to have it all posted soon... the next week or two. I'll post on here, when it goes live!

04-03-2009, 02:50 PM
Personally, the Thursday Night dinner was a great time for myself and my crew. We actually had met a couple of ladies that are starting their haunt for the 1st year and we met them at the welcome reception at the convention center. We invited them along as they knew nothing about the thing at Jakes. We piled into a cab and found the place to have good food. Best of all was looking around the restaurant and seeing all the haunters and I knew already and getting to meet some new friends from the board like Sarah. So as we are sitting there the DOCTOR walks up in character and introduces himself, which I thought was nice. Shane played his part as host and organizer and did a great job bringing a lot of fun to the night. One of my cast members won a set of personaized ornaments and I won a kick ass zomie prop from Unit 70. LOL I have NEVER won anythig in my life and I walked away with a $400 prop!! Adam from Haunted Illinois was at our table and won $100!! Maybe now EVERYONE will want to sit with me. LOL
I really appreciate Shane putting this shin ding together cause it got the convention off to the perfect start!!

04-03-2009, 05:17 PM
Really it means alot. If you thought it was fun this year you have no idea how much fun were going to have next year! Shane and its were going to bring the house down! Shane this time.