View Full Version : NHC Haunt Tour - important update!

04-02-2009, 03:50 PM
Our 1st bus is filled and our 2nd bus is *ALMOST* filled, so don't be the one to miss out on incredible evening at The Bates Motel !

Get tickets here:

An incredible evening is planned.

A themed dinner (which, after shopping at NHC all day long, trust me, you'll need)

Go through the haunts as a guest.

Then you get an escorted behind the scenes tour with your every question answered.

and just when you think it's over...

A paranormal tour of the Bates Farmhouse!

On a personal note - I'm excited to go, as Randy Bates converts his haunt to a "Christmas Attraction" and run's the show through November and December, and I'm very curious as to how he does it.

Hope to see you there!
Michael Bruner
National Haunters Convention

With 140 vendor booths, you better bring your checkbook! :)