View Full Version : Hauntatorium Studios Show prices

04-02-2009, 10:20 PM
Will be good until April 15th. We want to thank everyone who stopped by the booth. This was our first Transworld and was a huge success. Our booth was always packed and i heard not everyone got to place there orders because of this. Therefore we are extending the show prices through April 15th. Just go to www.hauntatorium.com . The guys from Hauntatorium would also like to thank Larry Kirchner for the Darkness tour and we look forward to you placing your order.

Dean www.2scary.com

04-03-2009, 05:31 AM
Ill take one of everything!!! Oh wait......

04-04-2009, 08:15 AM
I want to thank those who have all ready taken advantage of our extended Show prices. Only 11 more days left so put your orders in today.