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04-03-2009, 12:03 PM
I would like to pose a question to everyone. I would love to hear your definition of "behind-the-scenes". We all are consumers here. When we consume, meaning to buy, we want the best for what we are willing to pay. We weigh the pros and cons. Is this product worth the money. Of course there are a few other things that go into making a purchase like "what is it worth to me", "what can I get out of it". A tobacco user is willing to pay a high price for tobacco but a non-tobacco user is not willing to fork over a cent. As haunters or future haunters we are willing to pay good money for something that the "normal" person thinks is ludicrous. I don't know about you but I paid good money to go on a "behind-the-scenes" tour (I will not mention any names ) and there was no "behind-the-scenes" tour. I will offer the following definitions from a Thesaurus of the phrase "behind-the-scenes".

Behind-the-scenes as used as an adj: Done, maintained, or held out of
public view or in secret.
Casual, cognizant of, unseen.
Revealing what is done out of public view.

I was expecting the latter myself as well, I'm sure, many of you were. Also, I thought "light-on" meant LIGHTS ON as opposed to lights off, which, if I am not mistaken, leaves you in the dark. Well, I am still in the dark over "The D_ _ _ _ _ SS". Anyone else?

04-03-2009, 01:12 PM
I see it as an oppurtunity to go behind-the-scenes... if one wanted to! I myself did walk through actor areas, scareboxes, etc. What prevented you? Not to mention countless HPI were stationed in several scenes of the darkness/terror visions to answer any and all questions about how things were done.

Define "lights on"... I mean, the lights were on! Without the fod, actors, and effects... it was very easy to see entire sets and "some" areas it was like daylight!

Paid "good money"? Have you ever been to a Universal BTS tour? Disney? It was very reasonable... not to mention that $50 was towards Sat. ticket... the cost of food (which I think was around $25 a person)... So that only leaves $50 for a BTS tour!

We were very happy with the tours, had ALOT of fun, and learned a TON! Would do it again in a heart beat! -Tyler

RJ Productions
04-03-2009, 01:17 PM
Well I don't know about your Haunt, but I would bet that there isn't one haunt out there that allows anyone to photograph inside the attraction. If I allow a news crew to do it during open hours I have to let a larger space before and after the cameraman and have an Actor Co-ordinator accompany them otherwise I have actors in panic!!

Several other haunt tours have done "lights on' or "behind the scene" and still did NOT allow any photos.

Ask 10 people and you will probably get at least 7 differnent answers depending upon the needs or interests of the individual. An actor would like to see where the actors work, the dressing room, actor spots. Others would like to crawl under the Swamp House and see how the mechanism was designed and built.

IF you were allowed physically "behind each scene" you would first have a huge liability and second it would be a total nightmare trying to get that many people through.

A few years ago we paid good money to go "behind the scenes" at the Disney Haunted Mansion. While they did turn up some lights, it was mainly the scenic lighting. We were allowed to walk off the Doombuggy track, we were still not allowed "behind the scenes". We were not allowed anywhere near the Ballroom scence and the tour ended before we ever entered the graveyard or the end. Oh and photos were STRICTLY forbidden. I was going to take a picture of our group outside the attraction and because it was actually in the "alley" I was stopped and warned that my camera would be confiscated!

I believe as Larry explained, he did not have any fog running and left the scenic lights on allowing anyone to photograph the rooms. This allowed you to either shoot it scenic or use a flash for detail. Again allowing photos is something that very few if ANY haunts have allowed on the past. So did people get to see something the public can't??? YES, and they have pictures to prove it!!

Did people take pictures? I can't even tell you how many people I heard either filled their memory cards or ran out of batteries!!! Many stated they have taken over 500 pictures!! It was amazing that it didn't take any longer than it did!!

Larry did claim "behind the scenes" and he did explain that pictures where allowed. Maybe your definition figured in climbing under thing with a tape measure! Past "lights on tours" have also run a gammet of variations. So maybe any future haunt tours should explain their definition in a bit more detail. But for the majority of the people, being able to stop and take as many pictures as they wanted was WELL worth the price of admission!

04-03-2009, 01:48 PM
The Thursday "lights on" tour was what Larry had put on the threads. I was thinking like you until I reread some threads that he promoted the tour on. It was overlooked by many like me because the past tours in other cities. Most times we think of house lights on as lights on, but Larry had it like he said he would.

I went to an IAAPA tour of the Tower of Terror at Disney that included a ride through with lights on, ride with lights off, then a full house lights on walk through with staff allowed to explain any questions, with pictures allowed. It was rare.

The idea of opening the haunt to peers and allowing photos is rare. Thanks Larry. Again THANKS LARRY.

The maitre d with the bullhorn was even appreciative of his tip (25cents) LOL.

The timed ticketing, issues, and performance of Saturday left much for improvement from those that went. The timed ticketing for an event seems like it would work better if it were broken down to half hours. The late start and lack of the usual actors Larry has already stated were issues he regrets.

The detail intensity is rare and one to admire and use as a model for the future.

The cost was what Larry set, we bought, and needs to be put in the perspective of what you saw and learned, not if it was worth it as a haunted house. Yes, Larry made lots of money, but he shared more in value to everyone than the cost of the ticket/s.

I know my crew was inspired by many things they saw and now fully understand my slogan for 2009. Detail Detail, Detail. We will never approach what the Darkness has, but they have an ultimate example to work towards. That was worth the price I paid, how about you?

p.s. How many of us would open our haunt to the industry? The bar is set high enough that many would not try.

04-03-2009, 02:00 PM
First off, Thanks Larry for not deleting my post yet. Yes, I agree, I took tons of photos also. But some areas were so dark we really could not see. And yes he was great for letting us take them. All I am saying is be clear on what is advertised. If I advertised a prime rib for $25.00 and gave the customer top sirloin I would think he would be upset. I thought the scenes and decor were fantastic but I really would have loved to see it in better light. $125.00 is not pocket change. I recently went to Disney World and spent 3 days and went to all of the parks for $150.00 (ticket price only). All I am saying lights on is simply lights on. If he left out the part "behind-the-scene" then I would not have a problem with it because I would have known what I was paying for. Maybe I went through at the wrong time because there was no one standing around any scenes to answer questions. I hate that I missed that. I would like to know who painted the 3-D area. Wonderful artwork. Simply amazing. There was one person handing out the glasses. All in all it was great. I am a stickler for delivering was is advertised or promised. It is simply a matter of good business.

Jolly Pumpkin
04-03-2009, 02:58 PM
People have different definitions of behind the scenes and lights on tours. But from what I've experienced over the years going to haunts this is what I expect from a behind the scenes tour. Usually there is an owner, actor or worker of the haunt who walks around with you who points out rooms and explains how they were built, etc. You are allowed to take pictures, ask questions, check out the makeup room, control room and so forth.

You are basically getting an insider's view of how everything works. But this isn't the case with every haunt and there isn't a set in stone definition of what a behind the scenes tour is. When I hear lights on tour, that's what I expect. I expect to walk through a haunt with all the lights on so I can see what it looks like without special lighting, special effects etc.

Hell, there are many haunts out there that have lights on tours that are half the price of regular admission. These are usually for younger children who can't handle the haunt with actors and lights off. But as I said before every haunt is different when it comes to behind the scenes tours.

04-03-2009, 04:36 PM
And for those of you who want more, this way to the egress.

Jim Warfield
04-03-2009, 06:21 PM
Maybe my place generates more than it's fair share because we also live in the house?
It is a constant battle which does leave me weary telling people not to take pictures, not to wander off on their own and any door that is not definately, obviously bolted, locked very securely will be yanked, rattled and maybe kicked...just because.
I know that I give more of myself, my time, my energy and creativeness to the customers than most could ever hope to do, but I like doing more than was expected and probably paid for by anyone's standards..and yet it is never enough for some certain butt-pain people.
Maybe they needed a "My Behind is Obscene" tour? The "MY" will be them ,'their behind getting the wooden paddle!
"Posture! posture! Just adjusting your stance."