View Full Version : Elswarro Commercials

04-08-2009, 05:36 PM
Hey Guys! We have been getting alot of e-mails about our commercials for the upcoming season. (by the way, thanks to everybody who were promoting us at TW!)

Here is the deal for the 09 haunt season. We WILL be selling stock commercials, but we WILL NOT be selling custom commercials. We are filming a movie and our schedule is pretty filled up.

There is a CATCH! We can do MINOR adjustments to our stock spots to make them "custom" to your haunt. This is pretty much limited to replacing clips with your footage or HI RES pics. Of course, the end slates will still include your logo and haunt info.

View our stock spots here http://www.elswarro.com/commercials.htm

We will hopefully add a few more this year. Thanks for your time!

- Jason