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04-15-2009, 06:15 PM
Time is running out for this CAN’T MISS pre-show tour!

Visit SIX different Wisconsin Haunts!

Ticket price includes the following:

6 Different Haunted Attractions!

A 4-D Theater!



1 NFL Stadium!

A free social event presented by Terror on the Fox! (Free beer, soda, and snacks!)

A ride on an antique passenger train!

And more!

The Pre-show tour leaves at 8am on Wednesday April 29 from the Wyndham and returns to the host hotel at 6pm April 30. The current list of Haunts for this overnight bus trip includes Terror on Rural Street, The Hartford Jaycees Haunted House, Shawano Manor Haunted House, Dominion of Terror, Curse of the Crypt, and lights off AND lights on tour of Bad Boys Scenic Designs’ Terror on the Fox!

Tickets for this very special all inclusive pre show tour includes the following, bus transportation, admission to all 6 Haunts, hotel, food, Wednesday night social (presented by Terror on the Fox), stop at Lambeau Field for photo opportunities (time permitting) and more!

Curse of the Crypt at Noah's Ark

(One of Americas Largest Water Parks) this attraction is brand new for the 2009 season built by Oak Island Productions. This is a 2.5 million dollar attraction that includes two dark rides! A hellevator that can hold over 100 people and a bonus for all attendees is the interactive 4 -D theater at Noah's Ark! That's right 4 D Theater!

Terror on Rural Street has been a Wisconsin haunted attraction landmark for years, this haunt is a multi level attraction that incorporates the use of a lot of water, we advise you to fear what lies with in the calm waters of T.O.R.S.

The Hartford Jaycees haunted attraction has consistently been rated in the top 5 haunted houses in Wisconsin by the Milwaukee Journal They are unique because they are located in an actual farm house; visitors to this one of a kind event will find themselves doing things in an attraction that they may never have seen before.

Dominion of Terror

Over 30 years of Terror will be unleashed as you attempt to find your way through the Dominion of Terror. Horror will overcome you as you attempt to make your way through over 18 brand new blood chilling rooms. Prepare to encounter gruesome and insane characters impatiently awaiting your arrival. With only one way out, your heart will be racing as you frantically try to find it. Every step brings a new twist to the word Terror! The Dominion of Terror, sponsored by the Sheboygan Jaycees, has been in existence since 1974. It is one of the largest non-profit haunts in Wisconsin. With a limited budget, the small staff need to work extra hard to maintain the fear in this haunt. Each year usually brings a new building, with new ambiance. Fortunately, the current location is now in its fifth year. If luck has it, it will remain the permanent location. The small core group of people dedicate most of the year to piecing together this haunt.

Shawano Manor 3-D Haunted Attraction Since the fall 1894, people have wondered what has been going on inside Shawano Manor. They have seen the mysterious lights, heard the mysterious sounds. The terrifying stories and rumors have spread throughout Northeast Wisconsin like fire in dry grass. Some have been factual, some have been slight exaggerations. The only way to find out the answers is for you to visit Shawano Manor for yourself! Shawano Manor a real haunted mansion, to get there you must first make it through the haunted trail.

A mind blowing 3D experience!

3,600 square feet of attraction

New building specifically designed for the attraction completed September of 2008

ChromaDepth 3D is utilized throughout the haunt

3 acres of haunted trails

New EFIS Façade is now under construction

Come see the beginnings of a new Northeast Wisconsin Legend

Terror on the Fox

Considered one of the most detailed Haunted Attractions in the Country, now entering its 13th season Terror on the Fox continues to deliver thrills, chills, and screams to tens of thousands of customers each October! This is your chance to visit one of the top rated Haunted Attractions in the Country!

Upon arriving at Terror on the Fox you will be treated to dinner amongst some of the most historical trains in the Country including Eisenhower’s command train, after dinner you will board an actual passenger train that will deliver you to TOTF, from there, you will be treated to a fully operational and staffed event. Following the lights off tours you will return to your hotel where you will then be treated to Terror on the Fox’s social gathering at the Stadium View Sports Bar and Grill located directly across the street from your hotel. After breakfast the following morning you will return to Terror on the Fox for an up close and personal lights on tour of the Attraction!

See for yourself why Terror on the Fox is a top-rated US haunted attraction and #1 in Wisconsin! Other notable recognitions and national press:

* Cover Story and Featured Haunt, October 2005 Haunted Attraction Magazine!
* Featured Haunt, Haunt Search Magazine!
Issue #4 and Issue #12!
* Install of the month, Sound & Video Contractor Magazine!
* Halloween, The Happy Haunting of America DVD featuring Robert Englund, Alice Cooper, Tom Savini and many, many more!
* Terror on the Fox has also been covered in Family Circle Magazine and Skin Deep Magazine.
* Best Charity Haunt in the Country – HauntWorld Magazine 2008

The following ticket prices are all inclusive!

CLICK the following link for 2 Day Pre-Show Haunting Bus Tour (April 29-30) $275.00

CLICK the following link for 2 Day Pre-Show Haunting Bus Tour - PRIVATE ROOM (April 29-30) $325.00