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04-15-2009, 08:11 PM
I wanted to start a new thread here because I feel this is very important. As an industry, we have to simply move on and stop being political, but I want to make it clear that Rich Hanf was 100% correct and that people need to stop attacking him, myself, or this industry in general. I tried to end the situation nicely, but apparently people still continue to attack Rich and that is not right....so let's end this here and now.

I do not want to put out lots of dirty laundry on this situation, it's not good for me, Michael nor this industry....however, I also will not sit back and simply let people attack Rich Hanf on this situation because although we cannot record time, what he said is what I explained to him (and asked his advice) as well as what happened.

Again, I am not going to go into all the details of everything that happened that weekend, however, I will mention just a few things that happened at the Costume Ball which are fact and just a part of some of the concerns I had when I asked for Rich's advice.

Now, just to RECONFIRM my thoughts, I called a vendor tonight to get his side of the story (we talked at the costume ball, but I wanted to reconfirm again), and here is some of the information I received. The vendor does want to stay anonymous but I'm sure we could talk to him privately if needed.

As a guest, Leonard was given a free ticket to the Costume Ball by our Vendor Liason, Daeylnn.

Here were some of the issues that arose:

#1) This one vendor I just talked to tonight was approached at our Costume Ball (National Haunters Convention).

Leonard said directly to him, "Why are you coming to this show? Why aren't you coming to HauntCon Anymore?"

The vendor replied some of the things I was doing for him (we have an agreement where the vendor is also receiving 1 free booth) and explained this to Leonard.


I was told by this vendor that he felt that Leonard constantly 'probed' him throughout the night, trying to 'feel his way' into what it would take to make him come to HauntCon.

He told me on the phone tonight that : "I FELT AWKWARD, AND REALLY COULDN'T ENJOY MYSELF"

-- So, can you not see the concern of myself and the rest of the National Haunters Convention staff? None of us want to hear this from a vendor, a friend or anyone.....everyone just wants to have a good time. Now, instead, I have a VENDOR telling me they felt awkward and 'probed' at my costume ball.....

#2) Leonard also apparently 'worked' some of the other vendors....I do NOT want my vendors harrassed nor put on the spot, but I will list one because I have a few people who saw first hand accounts of this.

For example, Leonard approached one our vendors (Der Mord), and introduced himself. To paraphrase, "Hi, I'm Leonard Pickel, and I run a Convention called HauntCon"....he then proceded to pull up next to this person and talk to them for a while.

-- So, again, you can see the concern of myself, the NHC staff, and Rich Hanf himself who stuck up for us.....we are all out to have a good time, not look over our backs. If Leonard wants to attend as a Haunter, then he is more than welcome, however, we all do not feel it's professional to talk about another show with our vendors, especially when it has a conflicting date.

Finally, this information (especially about the show) was known by many vendors, and even the event area staff. For example, the Haunted Attraction Magazine booth had made a request to Michael Bruner if it was ok to put out HauntCon information.

Michael politely declined, saying we felt it was best to keep a neutral stance with all the conventions and that the booth was simply for the magazine. The owner of the booth and Haunted Attraction magazine abided by these rules, was professional, and there was not a single problem with any other vendor or person.

Robert Kocher
National Haunters Convention

04-15-2009, 09:33 PM
And nothing aginst you guys! But why is it if this vendor felt so unconfortable why dont he come here and be a man and say what you just told us. Anyone can say and I am not saying you made this up, but anyone can say I talked to so and so and he dont want to get involved but he said bla, bla, bla! I am sorry when this vendor opened his mouth he just became involved Its going to be a hard sell unless we hear it from the person's mouth directly!

It comes off to me as if this person told something that may not be true and hes now caught in the middle. I think this vendor made the shit up and now hes been caught and dont know how to get out of this mess. I still smell Bull Shit! Shane and its be a man mr vendor and lets hear it straight from you! Shane this time!

Allen H
04-15-2009, 09:57 PM
I m not a crap stirrer,
Let me start by saying that, but I just checked the posts and no one has attacked Rich since the time of your last post, so why post this?
Rich was not 100% correct. Informationally I have no idea I was not there, I do not know what Leonard did. Now what Rich said he did and what you said he did are also different.
Rich's post lacked tact, that is why it raised ire. that was not correct. He was so mean spirited in his post he pissed people off. Weather he was right or not very few (those who don't like Like Leonard) would side with him.
It looks to me now that you have started a second thread just to call Leonard an assh#le. Leaping to the defense of Rich is not a good excuse as he has not been attacked as you claim (since your last attempt at a "nice" post). Add to that the fact that Rich can easily defend himself with words.
Larry should have deleted Rich's post as soon as he saw it. He did delete negative things that were said about the Darkness tour. I suppose that like many I would just like to see less bashing on the forums.
I am frustrated and saddened, my apologies if I am harsh.
Allen Hopps

04-15-2009, 10:34 PM
Free booth space, free tickets to the costume ball, and if rumors are correct some vendors got a free pass to the haunt tour? Itís good to hear you treated all vendors equally.
.....Sorry, I got a little distracted.....Please, don't let me interrupt the Pickel bashing. Carry on.

Here is a thought. Vendors sell cause that is what vendors are suppose to do. You canít fault a vendor for trying to sell his product.
Here is an old adage I just made up:cool:. Donít invite a salesman to your party (free ticket) if you donít like his wares.
Please feel free to quote me.

04-16-2009, 12:24 AM
You may have good points on this, however Rich Hanf has made it clear his utter disdain for Leonard pickle, If you did your homework you would've of known better to have him speak for you.


At the end of the day you would of been better staying out of this nonsense, unless you choreographed this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greg Chrise
04-16-2009, 12:30 AM
It is completely legitimate for Leonard to try to point blank find out why he has lost vendors. Asking these questions does not mean those vendors will just jump up and only go to HauntCon especially having been "closed on" like that. Nor does it mean he was invited as an honored guest and set about converting your customers. It simply means there was a conversation of trying to figure out why a relationship has been or would remain severed.

There is nothing wrong with the vendor also trying to find some atmosphere or financial reward better than what has been tried in the past. And to do so with no prior determined scheme or no malice twoard anyone to justify it.

Fundamentally it is going to come down to vendors my not wish to travel where ever HauntCon pops up all over the country, chasing the event and spending what ever money it takes to meet this goal, instead different vendors will attend HauntCon when it comes to a neighborhood near them. While the fixed location of the National Haunters thing my develop repeat patronage of both attendees and vendors.

Only long term will prove which method of operating is better and for what or who. It may take years of experiencing variety for anyone to decide. To me having 5 shows to attend all within 20 days of each other is enough of a choice let alone some on the same dates.

It gets real crazy out here in the real world. There are Taco bells and Long John Silvers fish places in the same freaking building. There are Pepboys and Autozones right next to each other. Let alone are you going to see Mount Rushmore and YellowStone park or go to Disney land. OMG and which Disneyland.

What's wrong with you that you picked THAT shampoo, That brand of milk, those kind of shoes. How did you get the idea to have that kind of hair cut. If the guy from Proctor and Gamble ever gets near you, have all of your answers ready, maybe carry around a 3x5 card with ready responses so you don't have an emotional break down.

04-16-2009, 02:45 AM
If I ran a convention I would go to other conventions and introduce myself and my show. EVERYONE DOES THAT... EVERYONE!

There is nothing wrong with that. Nothing.

If I was Leonard I would do the same thing! 110%!!! There is nothing wrong with that nothing. I will stand by what I said I doubt very seriously that the claims he went around telling people not to come back to your show is not accurate.

For a group that says they want no drama sure sounds like you whipped up a bunch!!! Oh well!

Again I hope both groups get different dates for your shows because that will benefit no one.


PS: Allan, there is a thread right now where people are slamming me about me saying I said a person shouldn't have bought a magazine if hey didn't own a haunt, which I didn't and another calling me a crook for not giving out magazines at Columbia Haunt tour, and so much more. There is only so much you can take... sometimes people go overboard.

Kevin Dells
04-16-2009, 04:25 AM
Yep have to agree with the majority here which i had pretty much made up my mind from reading the first post.

Sounds like Leonard was simply being a bussinessman and trying to find vendors.

He offered what the other guys offered wheres the harm in that?

I do like the way the word " Probed" and "Felt uncomfortable" were used, made him sound like a offender.

Ken Spriggs
04-17-2009, 04:15 PM
I don't recall anyone attacking Richy......can someone show me where that was?

I may have been taken that way, but I am not....I asked a couple questions....and I got a few things that weren't true, thrown out there.

Now as far as what Leonard did.......SO
It happens everyday in business

We were going to do hauntcon.....but couldn't swing it right after TW
And I know we are going to Columbus for MHC
So that was 3 shows within 300-400 miles of each other
We usually do well at Hauntcon