View Full Version : Ever Use any Super-Cheap "Costumes?"

Jim Warfield
04-19-2009, 11:25 AM
I mean making one out of the clothes you already are wearing or of using your own face or hair to actually scare people?
Sounds like a creative challenge doesn't it?
There is a huge scare/advantage in doing this sort of a thing, it's called "Speed", "Presto-change-o! Followed by the customer's mind not keeping up or anticipating that a different "look" could suddenly manifest itself that soon!
I have been doing some of this for a great many years , I would quickly pull my shirt up, bite it to hold it there , which changes half the color of clothing I am wearing ("Different color, must be someone else?)
Then frown or squint, maybe throw on some hat or part of a wig laying nearby and "Who is that?" (the dim lighting helps this too!)
So the reason I might seem so inspired to share this incredibly vital and possibly new information is because the other night it extended to a new direction.
Necessity is the Mother of "The Mothers of Invention" (Or something like that?) I was in the middle of my long front room routine and I got to telling about how my Mother used to actually bring me down to visit Mrs. Rose who lived in the one apartment here when I was just three years old...then in the dark I say," maybe she brought me down here to see Mrs. Rose...so she could "Sell My Soul To Satan!?" Said loudly with much insane conviction (waiting to be overturned)
In the dark immeadiately preceding this planned outburst I twisted two front locks of my too-greasy hair into devil horns.

Allen H
04-19-2009, 10:05 PM
Jim, when I worked at Skull kingdom we had a two man show on most nights, we were clowns in one area and the either a Scream type character or a Michael myers type character, then a zombie type of character in the crypt set, then an animalistic type of character in the last area the Mosquito hallway.
There were tricks of course, taking the scream robe off in just the right way so it could be put on instantly. changing voices so we sounded different, and alot of head thrashing so they could not see us clearly. It was a blast, a bit more refined form of what your talking about but very similar, it was like a haunt marathon every night.
Allen H

Jim Warfield
04-19-2009, 10:40 PM
Allan, I should have known you then, I could have helped you tremendously with this following advice...forget the baton! Drop it, it doesn't really matter, you're not in ancient Greece!
Makes marathoning much easier!
Come here someday and see my use of me in a tour for usually 90 minutes of talking running handling people and doing it all1 Lots of fun (if you don't weaken!) mentally, I am weak. tuesday probably.

damon carson
04-20-2009, 01:40 PM
Ravens Grin Inn the only place you may wait longer is the doctors office. Mr Carson, oh Mr Carson, its time for your tour! Yoo Hoo! Sorry Jim it seems Mr Carson fell asleep waiting on your last tour to finish. Please wheel him to the cellar he will do nicely in one of the coffins down there. Ha ha Ha! Spirit of Mr Carson. " Waiting on those 90 minute tours could really do someone in!" " I guess I could have always gone to Charlies bar and just had them page me when it was over."

Dr. Giggles
04-20-2009, 02:40 PM
A few days i just wear a coat with coatails, jeans, and a striped shirt. "Hey, want some candy?"

Jim Warfield
04-20-2009, 08:58 PM
To do a quick run-through tour for someone (as they requested) they are the ones who slow it down by asking tons of questions or stand and gawk, or seem to not be smart enough to open a door at the end of a hallway where there is only one door to look at and open.
Being usually a one-man show this is actually then "Gorilla Warfare", "Hit them when they least expect it, run away , hide hit them again and again until they capitulate(that means give up, Damon, and has very little to do anymore with catapults, I retired my seige weapons after my 3rd divorce.)

damon carson
04-21-2009, 11:36 AM
At a normal pace from your front door to the back where your tour ends. How long does it take you just to walk that entire distance. Other than the slides of course. Do you even use the slides or you come down another way? Elevator, firepole, dumb waiter or conventional stairs? LOL!