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04-27-2009, 05:41 PM
anyone know if there is such thing as a temp sprinkler system? and if so what companies offer them?


04-27-2009, 06:57 PM
If by Temp you mean temporary....I have never seen or heard of one. Let me know if you find it..


Front Yard Fright
04-27-2009, 08:26 PM
I have heard of systems avalible for haunts that don't have running water. I would do a Google search for them and see what you come up with.

Good luck!

- Oh and be sure to post your findings!

Jim Warfield
04-27-2009, 10:29 PM
Years ago there was supposed to be one they were trying to get approved that used a small exploding device that threw powder around the room.
I guess it didn't work out?
I would hate to be in a room if one such device was triggered, that powder is probably the stuff in fire extinquishers that sucks up all the air (and makes a big mess) I think such a device itself could become fatal.
Of course I'm just guessing.
Maybe someone knows?

Evilution Unlimited
04-28-2009, 10:55 AM
Temporary sprinkler systems do not have water running through the pipes at all times and are designed to be taken down after a period of time. When they go off, the water begins to flow through the pipes and out the heads. There needs to be a water source and a pumping mechanism for this. The easy way is to put in the piping with the heads (which requires a permit FYI) and pay a fire engine to come during your hours of operation. If something happens, they have both the pumping power and the water source. You can also tap into fire hydrants if they are near by and your community allows it. This will have a similar effect and is even cheaper. Another option is to have an actual pump and a body of water such as a pond but now you are talking about the same price as a normal sprinkler system.

I looked into this for an attraction last season where the property owners did not want a permanent sprinkler system. You need to work with your building and fire officials every step of the way but most will go along with a temp system if done properly.

Phil Miller
04-28-2009, 07:02 PM
we have a temporary sprinkler system, by temporary I mean it is charged and monitored by a alarm company May - Nov. we have to drain it in the cold months because it is not a dry system. Our tank is a 15,000 gallon tank, the pump 10 hp 3 phase, 2 hp jockey pump, the piping is black iron to all the heads. we have a 100 year old 2 story barn and a steel Morton building, so heating them would be a task. The cost to drain them and recharge it is about $1,200 a year, heating them would cost a lot more.
The state fire marshal would not allow us to use CPVC piping, steel only, but I heard of other states allowing it. CPVC is typically used in residential sprinkler systems.

Phil Miller