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Boo Crew Production
04-30-2009, 07:07 AM
Benefit dinner (http://www.boocrewproduction.com//Dar%20Benefit/Images/small_flier.html) for Darlene Bilger this Sunday. Darlene has been a haunter for several years, she has been part of a charity haunt at East Harbor State Park for over 10 years. Darlene and her husband Norm started the group known as East Harbor State Park's "Boo Crew". Darlene Also took part in the haunters for hooters event at MHC in 2008. at which time she was a little shy of her 10 year remission anniversary. The celebration was cut short, because in late August she was once again diagnosed with cancer. She has since been going through some pretty rough treatments, some of which are experimental. Why experimental? Because traditional treatments were no longer having any effect or the cancer.

On May 3rd we are having a spaghetti dinner benefit (http://www.boocrewproduction.com//Dar%20Benefit/Images/small_flier.html) for Darlene. The benefit (http://www.boocrewproduction.com//Dar%20Benefit/Images/small_flier.html) is being held at the American Legion in Sandusky, Ohio. If you cannot make it, Donations are being accepted through my paypal account (Orders@boocrewproduction.com) as well as the local Key Banks here in Sandusky. For Paypal Donations please Note for DBB, Thank you.